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After two years of separation, Preeta leads her life alone.

Srishti comes home and tells Sarla about Daljeet fighting with the grocery seller. She complains to Sarla about taking more care of Preeta after her arrival. Sarla tells her that she is showering love to Preeta because she had been missing Preeta. Janki says that Preeta looks weaker than earlier, but Srishti tells her that it is just her concern for Preeta. Srishti goes to Preeta’s room to call her to the living room.

Preeta feels nervous about her return as she wants to avoid facing the Luthras again. She says that she was unaware of the details related to her transfer. Srishti reminds her that even her family lives in Mumbai city.

Sarla prepares halwa (sweet) for Preeta and feeds it to Preeta with her own hands. She stops Janki from revealing the Luthras’ agony to Preeta. Srishti, Sarla and Janki share a warm moment with Preeta.

Daljeet enters the house and shares how she felt returning home after so long.

Preeta leaves for the hospital in a positive mood and she suddenly notices something. She stops her rickshaw to help an elderly woman pulling a cart for a living.

Meanwhile, a Vehicle of Mental Asylum tries to chase a mentally unstable person. Unaware of this, Preeta moves ahead and comes across a lady beggar. Preeta offers some help to her as well and in return she predicts Preeta’s future.

Soon, Preeta walks ahead and a chit with the address of her hospital slips from her hand. She recollects the time of her first visit to Mumbai when the chit with an address slips continuously from her hand.

Preeta is busy with her shift at the hospital, but a Man approaches her to ask about a lunatic. She walks ahead and turns on the light of a room. Suddenly, a Man hiding in the room comes towards her and tries to silence her. Preeta gets frightened due to this and moves back. However, she gets shocked to learn that it is Mahesh. He keeps requesting Preeta to help him save his family.

Preeta remains speechless after seeing Mahesh’s condition. Soon, a team of Mental Asylum staff arrives there to take Mahesh from there. Preeta tries to stop them from dragging him out, but they avoid listening to her.

Outside the hospital, Preeta shouts out loud to stop them and one of the staff members reveals that Mahesh is a lunatic. Preeta keeps repeating that Mahesh is her father and they cannot take him away. He replies that she should be aware of Mahesh if he is really her father.

Mahesh is dragged inside the Mental Asylum Vehicle and forcibly administered sedatives. Preeta fails to stop all this and gets inside a rickshaw to follow the Vehicle. The rickshaw Driver drops Preeta at the Mental Asylum. She arrives in front of a room wherein the Doctor is giving Mahesh shock therapy.

The Doctor talks to Preeta about Mahesh’s condition when she keeps trying to intervene.

Srishti calls Preeta as she misses her, but her tensed tone worries Srishti. Srishti talks to Sarla, Janki and Daljeet about it, but they ask her to avoid the Luthras.

Sarla says she has warned her a lot of times to never take the name of the Luthras because they have all forgotten them and even Preeta has, Bi Jee questions Sarla why is she scolding Janki because she must not look at her outer appearance but listen to her heart as she still yearns for them, Sarla replies it is not the case as she has forgotten them, Preeta spent two years away from this City to forget, she desires that Preeta should even forget the road that leads to their house.

The Auto of Preeta stops in front of the Luthra Mansion, Preeta seeing the house recalls the day when Karan exclaimed that Preeta and Karan will never be together ever again! He then kicked her out of the house, she manages to step out of the Auto, and while walking towards the house, she recalls how once Karan would not even feel like leaving her side, she sees the name plate of the Luthra Mansion, then recalls how Mahesh explained that Prithvi has taken control over everything, he requested her to save everything, she also remembers the promise that Karan made that he will never leave her hand, he explained it would be really difficult for him to live alone without her, when she mentioned there is no need for him to ever think of living alone.

Preeta opens the gate of the Luthra house, slowly walking in when the Guards stops her ask who is she and who does she want to meet? Preeta questions about the old staff when the Guard explains they have been changed and now they are the ones who have been working since the past one and half year, the Guard says she must have an appointment letter if she desires to meet anyone from the family, or the permission of Prithvi Malhotra, however they hear the Car of Prithvi arriving so request Preeta to go out.

Preeta hides behind the wall when Prithvi steps out of the Car, Preeta thinks the last time, they got him thrown in jail so how did he come back? She plans to surely find out what happened in the last two years.

Prithvi realizes that someone ran away, so asks the Guards if someone came? They explain that a Girl came however, she was not allowed to go inside, Prithvi walks out of the gate, he thinks of Preeta, Prithvi says that he has thought of her after two years but now it would be better if she never came in front of him otherwise, he would do to her what she herself can never think of!

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