Preeta climbing the back stairs, opens the window to enter the house, just as she did in her GrehPerwash when Karan left her on the road side all those years ago, she takes her step forward reliving the old memories, she walks into the hall in a state of tension, she starts remembering how she used to live in the same house as a member, but the request of Mahesh to save his house, from Prithvi who has captured everything and even Rishab has not come.

The doorbell rings, Preeta immediately hides, Ganesh comes running to open the door, Prithvi explains that it took him thirty seconds and if he doesn’t come into the house within five minutes, then Ganesh would be out! He explains that Sameer got ill so he had to take him to the hospital, Prithvi explains he is the one who pays Ganesh so he works for him and not them!

Prithvi sits on the sofa when Ganesh places an alarm bell which he rings so the entire Luthra family, comes to stand in front of him, he questions why do they not have any prayer in this house? Kritika replies that it is because he doesn’t like it, Prithvi replies before he just had a suspicion that she was a duffer but now ever since she stood by Preeta in deceiving him, he knows it for sure!

Prithvi then questions Sherlyn who replies that they would have to pay the Priest. Prithvi explains this is the reason because the Prayer is held so the money comes into this house but every time the Priest comes to their house, he instead takes the money and he only likes it in his hand.

Prithvi standing replies that now, no Doctor would come into their house without his permission because he has spent a lot of money on their expenses, including Mahesh Luthra but now he would not spend any more amount!

Kritika tries to explain Sameer had a really bad fever so he needed a Doctor, Prithvi standing in anger exclaims they should have given him some tablets because he would not have died with just a fever! Prithvi leaves exclaiming that all the Luthra’s should be thrown in the bin!

Rakhi leaves informing Kareena that it is time for her to give Mahesh his lunch, Kritika questions Ganesh why did he tell Prithvi about the Doctor? Ganesh replies he got scared and apologizes.

Preeta standing behind the curtain wonders why is Prithvi acting as the Boss of the house and everyone is really scared of him, how did he get control of the financials of the Luthra family?

Rakhi explains that she now desires to feed Mahesh jee with her own hands but she knows that Mahesh is in the basement and there is no enough light there.

Sherlyn replies she would feed Mahesh herself as Rakhi knows that the Nurse is really ill tempered, Sherlyn takes the plate however Prithvi stops her informing that whenever Mahesh sees anyone in his room, he gets irritated so if he in anger harms Sherlyn, then he would not be able to afford her treatment.

Dadi cries saying her Son has lost all the ability to think, Prithvi replies Mahesh just made one right decision by giving him the authority to make all the decisions of the business and their property, thanks to him as he has kept them all alive.

Karan walks over to the family, he asks Dadi what has happened, however Dadi doesn’t say anything when Prithvi walking down exclaims would she rejoice at the news when her Son has gotten mental? This is why she is crying. Karan warns him to watch his tongue! Prithvi asks if Karan did not hear that his father has been declared mental because he acts like an animal and hurts everyone, Karan warns him to not take a single word against his father!

Prithvi asks what does she think because Karan is just a normal employee and he is the one who takes the decisions of Shining bright, Prithvi mentions he knows how much this job is important for Karan because he needs to keep an eye on him but if karan ill-treats him ever again, then will be kicked out of the house! Prithvi calling Ganesh to give Karan dry fruits so he knows who is the owner of the house!

Karan exclaims that if Rishab was here, then he would have seen about what Prithvi says! Prithvi explains that till Mahesh is alive, he is the owner of this house but after he dies, the property would be divided equally between both the brothers.

Karan gets really mad when Rakhi takes him away, however Prithvi warns them to make Karan remember!

Kritika tries to leave when Prithvi stopping her asks if she forgot that he is her husband who loved her a lot but she lost that right when she deceived him with Preeta and he will not forget it for the rest of his life!

Prithvi’s misbehaviour with the Luthras hurts Preeta.

Rakhi requests Karan to avoid fighting with Prithvi for Mahesh’s sake. She asks him to find Rishabh to get help for the family.

After Preeta leaves, Prithvi takes Sherlyn to a room and tells her to prepare for their next plan! He asks Sherlyn to get Natasha close to Karan for their plan to usurp his share in the property.

Meanwhile, Natasha continues to shoot and upload videos on a social media platform to get fame. Sherlyn takes Natasha to a room and asks her to woo Karan. Natasha tries to talk to Karan, who avoids speaking his mind to her.

Srishti meets Preeta on the way and saves her from an accident. She notices that Preeta is not focused and tells her about ordering a food for her.

Preeta returns home and Janki notices that she is tensed about something. Sarla tells Janki that she is aware of this but wants to give Preeta some time to forget the past.

Preeta sees a nightmare wherein the Luthras keep accusing Preeta of Pihu’s murder. Srishti gets upset to see Preeta getting restless and calls Sarla for help. Sarla, Janki and Daljeet come running there to talk to Preeta.

Meanwhile, Rakhi worries about Mahesh and decides to go and see him. Kareena suggests her not to do it to avoid the wrath of Prithvi. However, Kareena decides to go to the basement with Rakhi, who insists on checking on Mahesh once.

Kareena takes Rakhi to the basement wherein Mahesh is tied down to a bed. Rakhi tries to talk to him but he throws an utensil at her out of fear. Kareena feels sorry for Rakhi and Mahesh, but finds herself helpless.

Suddenly, Prithvi arrives there and gets angry to see this. Prithvi shouts to call Mona, his recruit, and she gets a whip to control Mahesh. Rakhi fails to bear the sight of Mahesh being whipped and tries to defend him.

Prithvi enjoys to see Mahesh and Rakhi being whipped by Mona. Kareena loses her cool and scolds Mona for deliberately whipping Rakhi! Prithvi arrogantly says that he had ordered Mona to do this!

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