Prithvi calls up Nagre, one of his recruits, and lashes out at him for presenting incomplete property transfer documents! Nagre asks Prithvi to trust him as he worries about the failure of his launch event.

Sherlyn worries about Prithvi being angry and thinks about going to his room. However, she waits outside the room to eavesdrop on him when she sees him talking to Nagre over the phone. Nagre tells Prithvi to wait for the next day and Sherlyn quietly leaves from there.

Kritika meets Sameer and asks him to stop trusting Preeta so much. Sameer tries to explain how Preeta taking charge of the house is better than Prithvi being the landlord. Soon, Kritika loses her cool due to their argument, following which she leaves from there.

Preeta continues to look for Mahesh in all the rooms of the Luthra Mansion. She sees Karan sleeping in Dadi’s room and goes close to him. She steps out of the room and recalls her conversation with Sarla. Preeta feels that Sarla will be proud of her when she learns the truth.

After checking all the rooms, Preeta goes to the basement. She locks Mona in a room to meet Mahesh without letting anyone know about it. Preeta vows to punish Prithvi after seeing Mahesh’s state!

Surprisingly, Mona begins to shout for help when she finds her room door locked. Preeta tries to hide in Mahesh’s room when Prithvi comes to the basement to help Mona.

Prithvi walks into the room of Mahesh after unlocking Mona, he in anger closes the door once again going to her, he questions who locked the door?? Mona explains she feels someone came here when Prithvi questions how can she be so caresless, she replies that she just went to go and sleep which angers him, he questions if she forgot why he hired her because she needed to keep an eye on Mahesh as he has gotten mad, now she must go and find out who came here!

Preeta wonders if Mahesh really attacks anyone he sees because this is not what she felt, she decides to leave as if Prithvi sees her here, then he will get to know she is the same old Preeta.

Prithvi secretly walks out of the basement when he is shocked to see Sherlyn, he asks what is she doing here? She replies she came after hearing him yell, Prithvi exclaims someone locked Mona in the room, so who does she think could have done this? Sherlyn takes the name of Rakhi since Mona hit her which is why she might have done it. Prithvi says they need to end their voices before a rebellion starts!

Prithvi starts ringing the bell, Natasha comes questioning why is he calling them so late? Sherlyn warns her to remain quiet since he’s really angry.

The entire Luthra family arrives. Prithvi asks who went to the room of Mahesh Luthra? Kritika replies that no one went to his room, Prithvi asks then who locked Mona in her room since she is the only one who can handle Mahesh Luthra, she knows the entire plan of his day, the Doctors had suggested that they sent Mahesh to the Mental Asylum, he is the one who managed to take care of him with immense problem but it seems they all do not have any care for what he has done!

Prithvi slams the hunter which worries everyone, he assures that it is just meant to scare Mahesh, he orders Mona to not make the same mistake twice as the last time, Rakhi got hurt but if she sees anyone, then can hit them!

Preeta coming on the balcony questions why are they making so much noise at this time since she was trying to sleep but Prithvi exclaims that she is the one who went to the basement, however Preeta says he’s the one who knows the way to the basement, Preeta asks everyone to go and sleep as she cannot hear these voices anymore.

Prithvi is really angry, Sherlyn coming says that he must do something about Preeta since they both were not prepared for what she did to them and she’s now the Owner. Prithvi in anger says she can never the Owner, he feels there is something wrong that Preeta is bluffing, the papers which she presented are false, Sherlyn tries to argue that she saw them however, he asks if she’s a Lawyer? She’s confident that she knows which papers are true but Prithvi is hellbent that Preeta is bluffing only because she wants to rule the Luthra family, he cannot bear her in his way!

Preeta in her room apologizes to Rakhi for her behaviour but she doesn’t have any other way, she starts weeping walking into the room, she prays to Mata Rani for power to walk on the right path and help Mahesh get back into life.

Sherlyn asks if he saw how she stopped when he was scolding the Luthras? He says she did not see how she talked with them but Sherlyn is sure Preeta went to meet Mahesh. Prithvi explains Preeta only has one aim which is to take revenge on the Luthras!

Preeta says Mahesh considers her to be his daughter and Prithvi claims he is mad but she never felt this as he took her name, she noticed something in his eyes that he for a moment recognized her and the other moment they were like he never knew her.

Prithvi mentions that in the past, the Luthras humiliated Preeta so now she’s taking revenge. Prithvi explains he needs to snatch all the power from Preeta and treat her the same way he treats the Luthras, he cannot let her rule and would go to any extent for that!

Preeta in anger wonders what has Prithvi done to this house but now as from tomorrow, everything will happen according to her desires, she cannot let it be the same anymore!

Kareena asks Bani Dadi to come and rest since it has gotten really late, Bani Dadi questions how can she rest? Kareena exclaims she’s the one who is most angry with Preeta, Prithvi treats them in a worse manner but she has really wronged them, Kareena exclaims that she hates Prithvi for what he has done with her daughter however, she cannot bear the sight of Preeta because she just came to their house for the sake of money!

Dadi exclaims for a moment it felt as if this house doesn’t belong to her, she says that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, but Karan should wake up in the morning when she would reveal the entire truth as he can handle Preeta. Kareena helps Dadi lie down on the bed, she explains that Preeta always used to talk about Mahesh as her father but now did not even talk about him for once! Kareena leaves after turning off the lights.

Mona is hitting Mahesh with the hunter, Preeta suddenly wakes up from her dreams wondering this was all of her dream, she goes to take the water, but the jug is empty however she decides to walk out to the Kitchen.

Sherlyn in the room asks Natasha (Payal) why she’s not going closer to Karan because Preeta has arrived in this house, Natasha replies that Karan is always drinking however, when he is awake, he only considers her to be Sherlyn’s Sister however, she replies that Natasha doesn’t know what she has done to the Luthras, Karan is only quiet because he feels that she has done good for them by staying with them even when Rishab has left. Sherlyn says that she doesn’t know what the Luthra’s have done to her, she should have thrown them out of the house as soon as she became the Owner, but she did not do anything.

Natasha exclaims that one takes revenge on a step basis, she might show her true colours, Preeta leaves.

Sherlyn notices so tries to find out who is outside, she explains they cannot talk like this anymore so she must get back to work.

Preeta after overhearing Sherlyn’s conversation with Payal leaves for the Kitchen thinking Sherlyn is right as if anyone else was in her place then would have done what she was thinking, she however keeps the family before anything else and there is no relationship which cannot be mended, she would do anything in her power to solve these ruined relations! Preeta decides to improve her plan of action. She plans to do something that will make everyone believe that Preeta is back to take revenge on the Luthras!

The Next Morning, Preeta sees the Luthras waiting for Prithvi to finish the breakfast. Preeta tells everyone that nobody will follow Prithvi’s schedule in the future and comes up with a new schedule. She asks everyone to have breakfast and dinner together as a family. Prithvi tries hard to retaliate but fails to stop Preeta from overpowering him. She lists out her three important rules to the family and warns everyone about the consequences of disobeying her!

Sherlyn begins to fear that she will face ill-treatment in the future as Preeta asks her and Payal to rise early every day.

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