Kritika explains that Preeta is a Physiotherapist at the hospital where she had taken Rakhi for treatment.

Rakhi feels nice to see Preeta and asks her if she has been fine? Preeta questions Prithvi about his presence in the Luthra House and he replies to her with sheer arrogance.

Preeta takes Rakhi to a room to treat her wounds and asks her to forget the past. After the treatment, Preeta returns to the living room wherein she gets into an argument with Prithvi.

Prithvi says she would be thinking she made a mistake by marrying Karan, she lost everything and should think of what would have happened if she married him, what can anyone do if it is her fate, as now, she doesn’t have Karan nor him who hates her a lot and this happened when she sent him to jail!

Preeta says she even beat him before it, Prithvi mentions he would make sure she never forgets it, saying that Preeta Luthra who used to play in Tens of Millions doesn’t have anything now, he has the money and makes everyone live at the point of his Shoe! Prithvi exclaims that these Shoes are worth one hundred thousands and the Watch he’s wearing is worth One Million, and she cannot spend so much money in her dreams, she would be delighted to know he is the sole showrunner of this house and even takes care of the business which belongs to the Luthra’s, nothing can happen without his permission!

Sherlyn coming says the Sage has left and even the prayer has ended so can they take away the things?

Prithvi says that this money is the last earning which she will have in the Luthra house, she must get lost after taking them!

Preeta kneels to pick the money then after rubbing them against her head, she places them in the Temple, mentioning she is sure that since he buys such expensive things, then would not have any money left to donate, but she has not come to take those two notes of five hundred but has come to take the Cheque book and the Passbook of the Luthra’s.

Prithvi asks what she thinks of herself?? Preeta explains that she has done it, since he’s using her money, everyone gets stunned when Sherlyn says that if the Luthra’s say that Prithvi has taken hold of their money, then it is acceptable but what is she claiming?

Preeta mentions that Prithvi has taken hold of her money so she doesn’t want anything, Prithvi once again says that she cannot have the property for which she has come but Sameer once again takes her side saying that Preeta is still the Wife of Karan, so she’s the owner of this property!

Preeta says that she’s still the Owner of this house.

Sherlyn once again interrupts asking why she is still present in the house, she even tries to ask Kareena Aunt and Dadi, who says that they don’t consider Preeta as their daughter-in-law!

Kritika also doesn’t understand what she is saying.

Preeta turning to Sherlyn asks her to not interrupt as whenever she does, she (Preeta) tends to lose her thought.

Preeta asks why they are not taking her seriously since Mahesh Father has given her the power of Attorney of the event company which Rishab jee runs, while she’s also the Owner of the Luthra house, so they all are standing on her property.

Prithvi stands up in anger exclaiming that the papers which she has do not have any value since Mahesh threw her out of the house, then gave him the signing authority! Preeta says he is talking about what happened two year ago but she is talking about what happened afterwards, Prithvi doesn’t want to believe it.

Preeta mentions it is nothing to be worried about since this is the ritual of the Luthra family, she has therefore brought the papers relating to the property, she asks Rakhi jee to take a look at them asking if she recognizes the papers and the signatures of Mahesh Father? Rakhi confirms they are Mahesh signatures.

Kareena also snatches the papers, even Dadi takes a look at them.

Preeta says the papers are original and even the date which is just a year older, he came to meet her and apologize for the behaviour of the Luthra’s, he even mentioned that she’s like the daughter of the family so he’s giving her the right to take control of all the business and property.

Rakhi even says that these papers are true, they explain that Mahesh has given Preeta the right to take the decisions of the entire business and property.

Prithvi says he cannot believe it! Preeta mentions he would be most irritated when he knows she is speaking the truth and he was just performing an act, Preeta mentions that they all would be thinking when the papers were signed, Mahesh Father was in a calm state so when he came to meet her, he was accompanied with a Doctor who confirmed that when he came to meet her, he was perfectly fine, the papers are also attached in the will so this means Prithvi is standing in her house!

Karan is sleeping while Natasha standing wonders why Preeta came even when she is a Doctor, she could have refused to come, as how would the Bank balance change a lot with just one treatment? She wonders if Preeta has come back for Karan, as this would mean the money which she was about to get will not come, she wants to open her dancing academy in new York, but Preeta has come in between all her desires, she tries to calm herself as it can also mean that Preeta has just come for the sake of money, she sitting beside Karan says he should just be with her and not go after Preeta. She thinks if she could have just uploaded a single video with Karan, her followers would increase but she should go and be with the Luthra’s as this is what the Sage said, she now likes Karan.

Prithvi says that her every word is a lie since Mahesh Luthra gave all the signing power to him! Preeta asks why is he not understanding such simple words? Prithvi exclaims he has the right over each and every penny in this house, she is highly mistaken if she think she can take anything with her cleverness! How does she think he got this money since it is all because of his hard work and he has done the deals worth Tens of Millions.

Preeta says she knew he would tell this story but it took a lot of time to hear from his mouth, Preeta says that whatever he said about taking the business to new lengths, he just said that Mahesh Father gave him the property, why did he gave Prithvi the right and did he not think about his own family, including Rakhi Luthra, even then Mahesh gave him the entire right? Preeta says that no one would believe it. Preeta says that now, she will tell a story which he would also like.

Preeta says Mahesh gave her the right since he considers her to be his daughter, everyone knows the relationship she has with him and it is because of that relation, he gave the entire property to her, this story is believable and also original. Prithvi looks to Preeta with immense frustration.

Preeta confesses to everyone that she had married Karan only for his money.

Kareena and Dadi feel proud to learn that they were always right about Preeta. However, Sameer, Kritika and Rakhi feel hurt due to Preeta’s words.

Rakhi still does not believe that Preeta could do such a thing. She reminds Preeta of all the actions that she had taken for the good of the Luthras. Preeta reminds them that Prithvi already treats them like Servants and promises to treat them better. A furious Dadi goes to Karan’s room to inform him about Preeta’s arrival.

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