Karan regains consciousness and recalls his conversation with Preeta. He initially feels embarrassed about professing his love to Preeta in everyone’s presence, but later convinces himself that is the truth. He talks to Sameer about Preeta’s arrival with sheer excitement, but Kareena arrives there.

After hearing about the change in Preeta from Kareena and Kritika, Karan decides to confront Preeta. He goes to talk to Preeta but finds it hard to resist getting close to her. He trips over and Preeta takes him in her arms, which brings them closer. Karan tries to pretend to be angry with her and she pretends to be mean. He inadvertently blurts out that Preeta is looking very nice. Preeta tells him that he needs to go and make up his mind. She asks him to decide whether he wants to be angry or get romantic.

Karan leaves from there and asks Preeta not to look him in the eye.

Kareena finds Prithvi talking to Sherlyn about coming up with a plan against Preeta! Prithvi leaves from there and Sherlyn makes an excuse about her conversation with Prithvi.

Soon, Payal arrives there and they all get disappointed to see that Karan did not argue with Preeta.

After Kareena leaves, Payal warns Sherlyn to be careful of her actions. Sherlyn asks Payal to stay in her limits, which begins an argument.

Karan comes back to confront Preeta but gets mesmerised to see her again. He tells her again that she should not look him in the eye. Preeta realises that he is unable to get angry with her and tells him to check if he’s fine.

Karan meets Sameer, who is happy to sense that Karan could not fight with Preeta. Karan asks Sameer for his help to pretend to be angry with Preeta in front of everyone.

Sameer helps Karan lie about his conversation with Preeta. Kritika and Dadi get suspicious and Payal asks Karan to scold Preeta in front of them.

Preeta wakes up and gets surprised to see the arrangements at the Luthra Mansion.

Rakhi meets Preeta and tells her about Mahesh’s state. She gives Preeta a food plate for Mahesh and asks Preeta to take it to the basement. Preeta agrees to take it to Mahesh saying that this is just to thank Mahesh as he had made her his heir.

In Dadi’s room, Kritika and Payal find it hard to believe that Karan had scolded Preeta.

Meanwhile, Prithvi explains his plan to Sherlyn to bring his Lawyer Nagre to check the property papers presented by Preeta.

Preeta takes a food plate and convinces Mahesh to eat it on his own. Soon, Mona arrives there to whip Mahesh for no reason. Preeta immediately holds the whip in her hand and warns Mona not to repeat it ever or she will get her medical license cancelled! Nagre leaves from the house to see Prithvi at the earliest.

Srishti visits Preeta to get updates about her stay at the Luthra Mansion. During their discussion, Srishti recalls the time she had broken up with Sameer for Preeta.

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