Shristi tells Preeta that she has broken up with Sameer when he refused to believe Preeta. Suddenly, Preeta receives a text message and goes to the living room for a discussion.

Dadi tells Preeta that nobody loves her and Preeta replies that she does not care about it.

Kritika, Payal and Dadi force Karan to scold Preeta, who pays no heed.

Preeta goes to her room and Karan goes behind her to pretend to scold her.

Karan asks Sameer to bring Kritika, Payal and Dadi there to get them to see the drama.

Preeta holds her ears due to Karan’s trick, which makes everyone believe that Preeta is apologising to him. Dadi and Kritika tell her that she should never repeat her mistake ever, but Preeta feels perplexed. Payal tells Preeta that she is very sweet to Karan in private.

After hearing Preeta and Payal’s conversation, Rakhi feels confident that Karan and Preeta love each other.

Preeta goes back to the living room and meets Prithvi there. Prithvi introduces Preeta to his Lawyer, Nagre. After seeing Nagre, everyone recalls the day he had come to help Prithvi usurp the Luthras’ wealth.

Nagre asks Preeta to bring the property papers that claim that she is the rightful Owner of the entire wealth. Prithvi insists on calling the Police, but Nagre asks him to wait until he sees the papers.

Nagre and Prithvi demand the property papers. Preeta goes to her room to get the papers.

Meanwhile, Prithvi decides to call the Police. However, Nagre asks him to wait until he sees all the documents. He checks all papers presented by Preeta and asks her if she has any more original copies? After Preeta confirms that this is the only original paper, he tears it in front of everyone. Preeta laughs at him and says that this was just a photocopy and asks Girish to get the papers with him. Prithvi immediately snatches it and tears it.

Preeta tells Nagre that she is aware of all his criminal activities and asks him to stop trying to help Prithvi. Nagre is shocked to learn that she has a lot of information about his history.

Karan, Sameer, and Rakhi feel happy to see this.

Preeta tells Nagre that she is not as stupid as Prithvi, who has confessed how he got Mahesh to sign the power of attorney papers. A furious Nagre threatens Preeta to get her killed by an assassin, Munna Pandey when he fails to tear the property papers.

Preeta quietly lets him confess how he had helped Prithvi usurp the Luthras’ wealth by deceit. Soon, she laughs at Nagre while revealing that she has recorded his statement. She threatens to use the recorded video clip to get Nagre’s license canceled. Nagre rushes to snatch the instrument used to record his statement but she asks him to back off! She hands it over to Girish and pushes Prithvi to take his seat.

Prithvi and Nagre lose their cool but fail to do anything against her. Nagre decides to take a leave but Preeta jokingly asks him to wait. She asks Sherlyn to prepare tea for everyone, which angers the latter.

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