Sherlyn goes to the Kitchen and Kritika follows her there to express her angst against Preeta. Sherlyn initially does not believe Kritika but after a conversation, she gets sure that Kritika hates Preeta.

Dadi and Rakhi go back to a room wherein they argue over Preeta overpowering Prithvi and Nagre.

In another room, Sameer praises Preeta’s actions in front of Karan, who tries to hide his happiness.

Rakhi points out to Dadi that Prithvi and Nagre had always harassed the Luthras and Preeta has taught them a good lesson!

Kritika enters Prithvi’s room wherein, he’s arguing with Nagre. Prithvi tells Nagre how he used Kritika to usurp the Luthras’ wealth. Nagre cautions Prithvi and asks him to keep away from Preeta. Prithvi refuses to listen to his warning and worries about his launch event on the following day.

Karan returns to his room and falls on Preeta. After their sweet banter, Preeta asks Karan to quit drinking and start Cricket practice.

Karan gets annoyed to hear Preeta say that he has to go for Cricket practice. He steps out of the room when he finds no way to refuse and runs into Sameer, who tries to calm him down. Karan walks ahead and runs into Payal. He saves Payal from falling down and sternly asks her to be careful while walking in the house.

Payal feels perplexed to see his behaviour and tries to reason with him. Sameer tells him that this is just a reaction to a conversation with Preeta.

In a room, Prithvi comes up with an idea to overpower Preeta and discusses it with Nagre. After Prithvi makes a phone call, they step out of the room to execute their plan.

Meanwhile, Preeta arrives in the living room and gets into an argument with Sherlyn. Kareena tries to defend Sherlyn by pointing out Preeta’s slyness. She taunts about how Preeta single-handedly managed to put a Criminal Lawyer like Nagre in his place. Preeta avoids her taunts and asks Sherlyn to go and prepare a meal for everyone.

Nagre and Prithvi arrive in the living room wherei,  Prithvi picks up a fight with Preeta. She keeps giving him replies with a cool mind but Prithvi says something to trigger her anger. Preeta begins to lose her cool and she tries to drag Prithvi out of the house.

Nagre steps ahead and threatens Preeta that she does not hold the power to oust Prithvi from the house. He deliberately gets close to her, which forces her to retaliate and push him back. Nagre uses the opportunity to get Preeta arrested by making false accusations against her. Nagre laughs at Preeta for getting her arrested so easily. 

Preeta makes fun of him and reminds him that it was very childish of him to do so.

Prithvi arrives there to threaten Preeta that he will always put her in her place if she tries to return! Preeta assures him that she will be out for a while and he can enjoy at the Luthra Mansion for a few hours. Prithvi challenges her that he will get everyone arrested who will try to help her! Nagre takes leave after the Police take Preeta away and Prithvi thanks him.

In the living room, Rakhi apologises to Dadi for failing to feed Mahesh’s medicines on time. Dadi says that she is not talking about it but her supporting Preeta against Nagre. Rakhi says that she supported Preeta because she was right. Dadi tries to remind her about Preeta’s actions that caused Pihu’s death. Rakhi tries to make her understand that it was just an accident and requests her to forgive Preeta.

Sherlyn, Kareena and Kritika try to reason with Rakhi, who is not ready to back down.

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