Unaware of all this, Karan and Sameer are heading towards home. On the way, Sameer tells Karan that Preeta is right and he should abide by her. Karan seconds Sameer’s opinion and decides to buy a Cricket bat to start his practice again. He stops the Car and Preeta passes by in a Police vehicle, but they fail to see each other.

Karan and Sameer return home and ask Rakhi for Preeta. Prithvi comes there to arrogantly reveal to him that Preeta has been arrested! Karan and Prithvi get into a heated argument when the latter speaks ill about Preeta.

Preeta is being taken in the Police Van. She was thinking she provoked Nagre and was irked at him. Their Police Van is stopped at a check post, the Drivers take a reverse and were now being followed by the real Police. Preeta understands they are fake Police.

At home, Karan questions why Preeta would murder anyone? Prithvi intervenes that she might know the reasons, but Preeta killed her own daughter and can kill anyone! There was a fight between Prithvi and Karan. Prithvi provokes Karan by saying that Preeta brought his whole family to destruction! There was an exchange of punches. Karan grabs Prithvi’s collar shouting everyone knows what Preeta has done!

Raakhi shouts at them to stop all this and Preeta did not attempt to kill Nagre at all! Karan is determined to bring Preeta back home. Kareena takes Karan inside.

Prithvi shouts from behind that Karan is crazy after Preeta, he has saved everyone of them and they must abide by his rules if they want to live here! Kritika comes to see Prithvi’s hand bleed and offers to put a bandage.

Preeta asks the Drivers to stop the jeep! She has realized she’s being kidnapped. The Drivers tries to shut her up. Preeta asks them to let her go, if they let her go she would not tell anyone about them. The Drivers now speak up that Preeta speaks a lot, she must have chewed Nagre’s brain in the same manner! Preeta understands they are Nagre’s Men. The Jeep applies brake and the Police bike was hit; the Jeep is able to escape into the forest. Preeta calls for help, but her hand was handcupped.

Kareena follows Karan into the room and requests Karan to apply bandage. Karan did not want to hear anything. Kareena complains that in this house only Karan, Preeta and Prithvi may speak. Karan turns Kareena that Prithvi is a liar, and so is his Lawyer Nagre. Kareena asks why he is fighting with people like him as Karan never thinks about anyone else except his so-call beloved Wife. She and Rakhi cry that Rishab also left, now they cannot afford to lose Karan. Prithvi misbehaves with them all, and Karan is a ray of hope for their entire family.

Karan hugs Kareena and soothes her. Karan says he will not fight with Prithvi, but he would also not be enslaved by him. Sameer brings with the first aid.

In their room, Kritika applies the medicine warning Prithvi that it might burn a little. She cleanse the bruises on his hands. Prithvi thinks silently that he wants Kritika and everyone from their family on his side now. Kritika thinks that if she stood by Preeta, Prithvi will not speak to her politely. Prithvi thanks Kritika before she leaves. He now asks Sherlyn to come outside.

Sherlyn is about to leave the room silently. Prithvi warns Sherlyn that they will not close the doors anymore. She doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone in this house, she is Sherlyn and realizes her worth. He requests her support.

Preeta is still in the Jeep. The Kidnappers wait in a clearing of the forest. The Kidnappers decide to kill her. He pulls the trigger of the gun pointing towards Preeta but she bent down. The Kidnapper gets a call from Prithvi and tells them to get away. He does not want anyone to know that Preeta’s death was not an accident.

Preeta knows it was for money, and commits to pay them more than what Nagre had offered.

Prithvi gives the news of Preeta’s death to Sherlyn.

The Kidnappers drive the Jeep back. Preeta keeps on pleading them to let go of her, she has a family awaiting. The Kidnappers say it is too late and continues to drive. At one point, they apply brakes to the Jeep and get off. The three of them push the Jeep down the cliff.

At home, Karan feels strange.

Prithvi feels joyous after getting the news from them that Preeta is dead. He insists on seeing it all through a video call. They go close to the Vehicle to show an unconscious Preeta inside a broken Vehicle that is about to catch fire. Soon, they run away from the Vehicle to avoid being surrounded by the fire.

Sherlyn overhears Sameer and Karan discussing about going to the Police Station. She quickly comes to Prithvi to inform him about this.

At the Police Station, Karan gets into an argument with the Police when the Inspector reveals that no one had been arrested.

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