They all realise that Preeta must be in deep trouble after Karan reveals that Nagre is involved in the matter. The police then agree to visit the Luthra Mansion to help Karan find Preeta. 

Prithvi thinks about getting the Luthras to believe in him once again by using Kritika! Before he executes his plan, he goes to the basement to check on Mahesh.

Prithvi goes to the basement to laugh at Mahesh and thank him for his success. He prepares for a party to celebrate getting the best Businessman award. However, Mahesh strangles Prithvi when he goes close to him, which leaves Prithvi shocked. Prithvi questions Mona about Mahesh’s improved condition? Mona recalls Preeta’s warning about getting her medical license cancelled and lies to Prithvi that she’s following his orders. Prithvi decides to bring a Snake to prove to everyone that Mahesh is mentally unstable!

In a room, Rakhi asks Dadi, in Kareena and Kritika’s presence, why she does not feel right about the celebration? Prithvi arrives there to threaten them to behave nicely in the party. He asks Kritika to join him as his Wife as it will help him build a trustworthy image for himself.

Prithvi meets Nagre at the party who introduces him to an important Investor and a Politician. Prithvi introduces them to each member of the Luthras as his dear family. The Assistant of the Investor tells Prithvi that his Boss is glad to see that he has a warm family.

As the party proceeds, Prithvi decides to give a dance performance with Kritika to pretend that he shares a bond with his Wife. Sherlyn, however, feels bad to see Kritika all the time with him.

Soon, Karan arrives there with the Police and they see Nagre going on stage. The Police tell Karan that they will have to be patient untill they find evidence against Nagre.

Nagre makes an announcement about Preeta there, which leaves the Luthras and the others shocked.

In a few minutes, Srishti arrives there with Janki.

Karan alongside the Police and the Luthras are all shocked to see Nagre invite Preeta on stage.

Preeta begins to talk about the deal that was important for Prithvi. She makes a superficial change to the development plan proposed by Prithvi to an Investor and a Politician at the party. Preeta explains to them that Prithvi’s company will no longer be a part of this project!

Karan is amazed to see Preeta give a powerful speech to support the township project proposed by her under the banner of the Luthra Industries. Karan asks the Police to leave when he gets sure that Preeta is fine.

Kritika and Kareena feel jealous of Preeta’s success.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn begins to worry when Prithvi goes missing. She begins to look for Prithvi along with Payal and they confront Nagre. Nagre reveals how he was scared to see Srishti and Janki dragging an unconscious Prithvi. Sherlyn tries to reason with Nagre and he tries to explain that Preeta has strong evidence against him.

After Nagre leaves, a furious Sherlyn decides to look for Prithvi along with Payal first and then execute a plan to destroy Preeta!

Srishti goes to the Kitchen after Kareena tries to put her down at the party. Sameer follows Srishti to the Kitchen but she misbehaves with him.

After he leaves, Janki talks to Srishti and suddenly Rakhi arrives there. Srishti leaves from there, which hurts Rakhi, who talks to Janki about this.

Rakhi apologises to Janki after Srishti walks away from her without talking to her. Janki recalls Preeta’s suggestion of being nice to Rakhi for a special purpose. She asks Rakhi to forget everything and there is no need for an apology. Rakhi gets emotional and cuddles her to thank her for her polite gesture. Kareena passing by sees them hugging each other and gets angry.

Karan meets Kritika in the corridor and asks about Preeta, following which they get into an argument. As soon as Karan leaves, Kritika realises that she inadvertently supporting Prithvi.

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