Kareena goes to Dadi’s room to tell her that she had seen Rakhi cuddling Janki, which upsets them both.

Sameer arrives in the room to remind Kareena that Preeta has helped the Luthras. He points out the fact that Karan may not be owning everything but at least Preeta has put Prithvi in his place! Kareena gets upset to see Sameer’s behaviour and Dadi ask her to talk to Karan about it.

Sherlyn and Payal keep looking for Prithvi and run into Mona. Payal feels perplexed to learn that Mona has brought a Snake charmer home.

Before meeting the Snake charmer, Sherlyn tells Payal about Prithvi’s plan to use a Snake to prove Mahesh is mentally unstable. Mona introduces the Snake charmer to them and Sherlyn gives him further instructions.

At the party, the Politician and the Investor decide to announce their Project with the Luthra industries. They decide to talk to Preeta about it and ask Sameer to call Preeta there. Sameer apprises Preeta of this and she leaves her room.

Karan keeps looking for Preeta and finally meets her in the corridor. He asks Preeta questions related to all the recent occurrences, about her speech, her arrest and sudden comeback. He soon blurts out that her casual attitude makes it appear that he is a one-sided lover. Preeta pretends to be not interested in his conversation and asks him to get out of her way.

Meanwhile, Janki is caught eavesdropping on Sherlyn and Payal’s conversation. Sherlyn tries a trick to put Janki down but the latter puts her and Payal in their places. Payal and Sherlyn’s replies have no effect on Janki, who leaves after giving them a few threats. They then move to a room and find Prithvi locked in a Wardrobe.

Prithvi regains consciousness and learns from Sherlyn that he was rendered unconscious by Srishti. A furious Prithvi decides to settle scores with Preeta at once by executing a plan against her!

Janki steps out of the corridor and runs into Kritika in the living room.  Kritika greets Janki well and they soon begin to discuss Kritika’s life. The conversation between Janki and Kritika gets a little problematic when Janki talks about the latter’s married life. Kritika defends Prithvi saying that he has been very nice to her but her family is unable to understand him. Janki tries to make her understand that Prithvi is different from what she assumes him to be. She gets back to Janki by accusing Preeta of usurping the Luthras’ wealth by deceit!

After a while, Janki meets Preeta and tells her that she needs to be careful of Sherlyn. Preeta calms her down by replying that gone are the days when she was kind and forgiving. Preeta tells her that she has changed. She tells Janki that she will now punish people for their mistakes unlike earlier.

Before Prithvi and Sherlyn could execute their plan, Natasha says that she has a way to defeat Preeta. Natasha reminds them that she was brought to the Luthra Mansion for a purpose. She asks them to let her execute a plan to put Preeta down in front of everyone.

At the party, Sameer asks Karan for his help to patch up with Srishti. Karan gives Sameer a tip but refuses to help him in pacifying Srishti. He thanks Sameer for being there with him during the tough phases of his and Preeta’s relationship.

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