Prithvi runs into Preeta in the corridor and taunts her about her return. Preeta laughs at his childish move of sending fake Cops to kill her. He challenges Preeta to do something to prove her power. Prithvi questions Preeta why she didn’t oust him from the house and she gives him a befitting reply. He threatens Preeta to usurp all of that she has taken away from him and the Luthras! He begins to suspect Preeta’s intentions when he hears her say that she wants to see him apologise to the Luthras!

Prithvi and Sherlyn eagerly wait for Natasha’s plan to humiliate Preeta publicly!

Natasha asks Prithvi and Sherlyn for a chance to let her execute a plan to teach Preeta a lesson. She goes to the party and tampers with the wires on stage and informs Sherlyn about her plan. She explains that Preeta will get an electric shock during the discussions about the new development project. As per her plan, the development project will halt after their plan works well.

Sherlyn, however, shows no faith in her plan. She tells Natasha that her plan is stupid, which begins an argument. She decides to terminate Natasha’s contract when the latter refuses to accept that her plan is worthy.

Nagre meets Prithvi at the party and tells him that he has to give him a few updates. They go to a room to discuss the matter but Karan and Sameer surprisingly arrives there.

Karan challenges them both that they dare not devise any plan against Preeta or they will have him in their way! Prithvi tries to threaten Karan but they get into a scuffle when the latter beats him. Sameer and Nagre stop Karan and Prithvi’s fight and take them away from each other. Prithvi lashes out at Nagre when he tries to caution Prithvi. Sameer suggests Karan that he should calm down as their fight could foil Preeta’s business deal.

A furious Sherlyn steps out of the room to get Natasha’s contract cancelled after talking to Prithvi. However, she runs into Janki, who laughs at her state. Janki realises that Sherlyn and Natasha have fought with each other. Sherlyn blurts out something that makes Janki feel that Sherlyn is behind Rishabh going missing.

Prithvi and Nagre get annoyed to see Sherlyn and Natasha’s fight. After learning about Natasha’s plan against Preeta, they decide to give her a chance. Sherlyn loses her cool and begins to question Prithvi’s faith in her. During the argument, Prithvi reminds Sherlyn that he has not killed her even though she is of no use to her.

Sherlyn warns Prithvi cannot do anything wrong about her, because he knows she is unknowingly the daughter-in-law of the Luthra family and she can do a lot of work for him, Prithvi informs that it is just her thought of mind as he has till now not allowed anyone to say so much to him, there is only one person, and it is her. It is the truth that he’s a really selfish person because he throws them out of his life, she is mistaken he did not do the same to her because of being scared but he loves her so she mustn’t throw him out of her love and the biggest fact is that he wants to snatch everything from Preeta, he desires to take the revenge and that today so for that anyone who agrees to help him achieve his goal then he is willing to take their help.

Prithvi sees someone who is hearing their conversation from outside the room, he immediately informs that she considers the Luthra’s to be her family and worries about protecting them, Sherlyn replies he has done a lot to harm the family but must not do anything wrong, as Preeta has already come to ruin their lives!

Prithvi walking out the room questions Janki what is she doing hearing their conversation as it is not good manners, she questions what are they both doing in the same room?

Prithvi asks Kritika to bring his mobile from the room since he forgot it, Prithvi informs that Kritika is his Wife while Shelyn is the daughter-in-law of this house, she must eat a lot and especially sweets as then she would speak in a polite manner, she will get strong, which takes time however, only seconds to ruin it, Prithvi leaves so Sherlyn coming asks if she received what she desired?

Janki replies she was just walking around but Sherlyn must reveal what she was doing all alone in the room with Prithvi, Sherlyn questions why is she worried when Janki replies that she is for now going to tell everyone what is going on between them both, Sherlyn thinks they would have to take care of Janki!

Preeta is walking when she sees Janki sitting in a lot of tension so asks what happened as why is she sitting alone? She asks where Shrishti is? Janki mentions she sent her back home since Sarla is alone. Preeta replies that it is for the better but why is Janki worried? Janki says that she is worried if Preeta might not get in trouble herself while trying to protect the family.

Janki informs that Sherlyn was already against her but she feels that someone who was once a close friend of hers is now against her, as Kritika will stand by her husband to protect him against her, Preeta mentions she would not feel bad because they all know how her first marriage got ruined so if it happens the second time, then everyone would raise questions on the girl, Preeta explains she is not saying Kritika is wrong because she is just traditional and worries about doing what is right, which is why Janki must not think wrong of her, Janki replies this is the attitude of Preeta, she leaves.

Preeta turns to walk away, karan comes to stand infront of her, they both start thinking about the beautiful past which they had spent together and start getting uncomfortable, Preeta looking away leaves, seeing which Karan gets really tensed, Rakhi notices something wrong from behind so coming asks him who was he seeing? Karan mentions he was looking at Preeta, Rakhi questions where is she, Karan informs she just went away and he is not able to understand what she is doing, he sometimes feels that she has come as an enemy or to take the Luthra empire to new heights, Rakhi informs that she feels Preeta has just come for the sake of love and cares for their family, she requests Karan to not fight with Preeta since she is already fighting against Prithvi, Karan assures he is always with Preeta against Prithvi, they both hug each other.

Kritika enters the room searching for the mobile of Prithvi jee, she is not able to find it so thinks of looking in the drawers when Prithvi shows his mobile is in his hand, Kritika questions why did he send her to the room to find it? Prithvi informs that he wanted to talk with her, he explains he has not given her the love which she deserved and only gave her the anger, she stood by his enemy Preeta, Kritika exclaims she got him arrested but Prithvi replies it was not her but Preeta who got him arrested and she accepted her plans as she is really humble, he got angry because she betrayed him and Preeta made sure she stood against her husband, he feels he is also at fault since he had a lot of opportunities to explain it to her but was not able to do it because of the anger as he was not able to understand how can his Wife go against him, he makes her believe that he is not a wrong person but the situations and people have made him like this, he mentions they can start a new life as he feels the one who has been wronged the most is Kritika, he holding his hands apologizes assuring they would like their old selves when he used to give her the respect and all just like a Couple, he stretches his hand asking if she would forgive him so they can start a new life, she is not able to go ahead and accept his request. Prithvi assures it is nothing to be worried about since he has done a lot of bad things in life. Prithvi turns to leave assuring he will always love her, Kritika hugs him from behind mentioning she was not able to say it before but loves him a lot, Prithvi hugging her mentions what is the need to pick a sword when he can win it with a needle, he mentions that Kritika would fight this war on his behalf, he makes her promise that she will not stand with Preeta. Kritika assures she would always stand beside him.

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