Prithvi smiles, and straightening the bed spread on the bed, asks how is the health of Mahesh Uncle? He tries to inform he had invited such big Investors for the Party and got nervous when Mahesh Uncle came running, he felt it was his mistake so even tried to cover it up by himself yelling Snake, which they all might have heard, he requests them to not take his actions in the wrong sense, he apologizes to them all.

Sameer questions what has happened to him since he never apologized in the past two years so what has gotten into him now? Prithvi replies he is always like this, they all know how much he loves Mahesh Uncle which is why he named everything for him but after that gave it all to Preeta, he doesn’t have any grudge against Mahesh since this is the talent of Preeta, she can convince anyone with her words, Sameer also warns him.

Rakhi says she cannot hear anything against Preeta! Kareena also responds saying she cannot hear anything against Prithvi! He requests them to not start fighting because of him, and leaves thinking he will do what he was not able to do before as by creating differences between them all, he is going to rule!

Preeta suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night because of the alarm, she realizes she has to wake up Karan for his practice, she is shocked to see that he’s sleeping on the Sofa and so decides to wake him up but she is not even able to move after seeing him, she starts to look at him and isn’t even able to move.

Preeta realizing she needs to maintain the act so starts scolding him saying he must wake up however, Karan refuses mentioning he needs to sleep, she informs the time doesn’t belong to him but he must go to the practice and also acclaim the time as his own, she pulls him but they both get out of balance and hug each other, Preeta is not able to believe what has just happened, she forces him to leave since it is time for his practice, he agrees but then exclaims she woke up early for him however, Preeta informs she was not even able to sleep in the night because of his groans, he however explains that he doesn’t groan so she is forced to send him away informing that he needs to practice, she starts laughing.

Preeta is worried seeing the file thinking she needs to work a lot as she is not able to understand the work load but if she prepares, only then would she be able to say anything tomorrow, Ganesh brings the tea for him when she informs she is going to have it with everyone at the breakfast table, he informs no one has woken up, she is shocked informing it is nine.

Preeta orders him to kill of all the fuse connected to the room except for the room of Mahesh papa, so everyone wakes up when the air conditioner and fans doesn’t work, he suggests if he should also turn off the water supply, she agrees mentioning she is herself going to prepare the tea and breakfast,

Preeta going into the Kitchen starts preparing the entire breakfast, Ganesh comes running informing that everyone has reached the living room but are really angry, he questions what should he do now? Preeta starts thinking of something.

Sherlyn explains there is no light in her room but it is available in the hall, Natasha questions and if she doesn’t have electricity in her room, she wonders how would she be able to dry her hair? Kareena coming questions Preeta what is going on, Preeta replies they are the ones talking so what does she know?

Prithvi walking down the stairs starts questioning why there is is no light in his room since they all know he cannot function without the air-conditioner, Prithvi calling Ganesh orders him to go and turn on the air-conditioner. Sherlyn and Natasha also order him to turn it on!

Kareena questions why there is no water in the house since Kritika has gotten stuck in the bathroom. Preeta explains Ganesh is not an Electrician or Plumber, he is doing his work efficiently, she asks him to go and set the table. Preeta explains they set some rules, which stated that if anyone doesn’t wake up by 7:30am and doesn’t arrive for the breakfast then would not be served anything, they all get really frustrated. Preeta mentions that have to follow the rules which were set and if anyone tries to break them, then would have to live for the entire day without any food!

Natasha at once repeats all of the rules which Preeta mentioned, she appreciates that Natasha learned them by heart since now she would not have to repeat them, Prithvi thinks he would have to do something about Preeta!

Ganesh coming sets the tray on the table, Preeta instructs him to turn on the electricity and water for the rooms for today but if this happens tomorrow, then he can cut it off again.

Prithvi leaves ordering Ganesh to turn on the electricity and water for his room first! Preeta asks the rest of them to go and get dressed since they will have the breakfast together, she stopping them wishes Happy Lordhi, Kareena and Sherlyn get furious before leaving.

Karan is in his bathroom taking a bath, he turns on the shower to wash his face but there is no water, some of the soap goes into his eyes which irritates him, Karan starts calling Ganesh but there is no response, Preeta knocking on the door seeks permission to come inside, Karan sits on the stairs to the bathtub, she also starts calling Ganesh asking him to turn on the water for her room, she is constantly yelling when Karan asks him to hurry up, she brings the jug from the room and helps him wash his face, she is smiling which angers Karan he starts blaming her saying she is behind it all, they both start to fight with each other, he also throws water on her, she gets irritated and pushes him but he is about to fall, she asks if he is fine, he says she thinks he is iron man so would not get hurt.

Preeta once again turns to leave mentioning he made a mistake but she tips because of his feet thereby, landing on Karan who mentions he hurt his back now, they both start laughing about what happened today, and get stuck in the romantic moment which was going on between them both, Preeta suddenly realizes the water has come back so rushes out of the bathroom, Karan sits at the corner smiling that she still loves him.

Preeta standing in the room thinks she cannot be emotional right now since there is a lot of work which is left, she has to find out how the mental health of Mahesh papa deteriorated so much and even needs to find Rishab jee, and for this, she needs to make Karan seem only as her official husband. The most important task is to deal with Prithvi, She has to not only throw him out of the house but make sure something happens after which he never thinks of coming back to this house!

Preeta starts acting as if she is working, Karan comes asking if she felt anything after what happened right now however Preeta replies nothing happened, Karan turns when she questions why is he acting like this? Karan holding her asks to say that she did not feel anything when they both were together because he felt it, Preeta starts thinking about the past memories which they both spent together.

Dadi suddenly coming to the room questions what is going on? Preeta asks what does she need when Karan says they were talking however Preeta explains that she can talk with him anytime, hearing this, he leaves in anger when Dadi questions why did she have to cut the electricity and water of the rooms to teach them a lesson? Preeta replies she did not cut the lights and electricity of her room but if she doesn’t wake up the next time, then it would also be cut.

Preeta advises her to also wake up early in the morning and have breakfast since they set the rules to so she doesn’t have to pay the extra electricity bills. Preeta leaves explaining she doesn’t care for them and has a lot of work.

Karan is picking the flowers when Natasha comes offering her help but he refuses, she explains that he sometimes talks so nicely with her but other times, he doesn’t even talk with her, it is not that she doesn’t like him since he has a lot of fans but it is possible she can like him, Karan says it is not possible when he mentions he only got so close with her so he can make his Wife feel jealous but he’s sorry if he took her help without seeking permission. Natasha replies that Preeta has arrived and is looking at them.

Karan immediately asks if she can help him make his Wife feel jealous, she replies this is only possible because if he truly wants to make his Wife jealous, she would have to come close to him and even do somethings which might seem true but uncomfortable, she asks if he’s ready so Karan agrees, she asks him to laugh loudly.

Preeta wonders what are they both talking about, she asks why did it take them so much time to pick some flowers, she places them in the vase when Natasha hands Karan the last rose flower which she had, Karan joins the one which he had but Preeta gets really angry seeing them both, she asks Karan to leave since there are a lot of people who will need his help! Karan questions if Natasha has a white and red colour dress since they are his favourite colours, Natasha replies she is going to surely wear the colours which he likes, Natasha acts as if she hit Karan unknowingly, Preeta looks to Karan in anger, but he runs away.

Prithvi asks the Mechanic if he understood what he needs? The Mechanic assures he has certainly understood but how will he manage to find such a unique thing to make? Prithvi replies he knows it, but the Mechanic just has to assure if he can make it? He asks why does Prithvi think he can make it, since he desires to make a bomb which after blowing causes effect to a single person, Prithvi explains he has found out as he desires that a bomb should be made with such chemicals that do not lead to any problem.

The Mechanic assures he can make a bomb using such chemicals which will disperse in the air within five seconds, Prithvi is really glad mentioning if he can make such a bomb, then would be given a lot of money. Prithvi exclaims in today’s Lordhi function, the winning and every desire of her will burn with the fire today, in short, he is going to burn the Preeta puran which has started in this house!

Prithvi orders him to make sure he gets the bomb today, the Mechanic mentions he needs some time, Prithvi agrees to give him as much time as he desires only to make sure he gets the bomb today!

The Guests are arriving, Dadi and Kareena are welcoming them while standing at the entrance.

Rakhi enters the party with Mahesh who is really tensed, she asks him to sit down, he agrees with immense tension and even starts looking around.

Karan enters the party in traditional Punjabi attire when the Guest are really excited to see him, they point him towards Preeta who is also looking gorgeous, he is not able to take his eyes off her while she is meeting the Guests, he is not able to stay calm while she is smiling. Preeta is about to turn when he suddenly hides, she excuses the Guests and tries searching for him, he notices that she’s looking so once again starts to hide from her.

Preeta wonders where he might have gone since he is not in the party but Karan is looking at her from behind not knowing that Natasha is coming behind, they both hit each other when Karan appreciates that their plan has worked, since Preeta has worn the same clothes which he asked her to wear but Natasha apologizes saying she did not have any clothes with the red and white combination, Karan says that she must not take it seriously since he only said it to her so Preeta can feel jealous. Natasha acts as if she also wanted the same.

Karan sees Preeta coming from the corner, he once again starts the acting which angers Preeta, but she is stopped by the Guests after which she leaves, Karan gets tensed thinking he might have taken it a step further since she got really angry, he turns to go after her when Natasha exclaims, he would one day be calling her name.

Kritika stops Karan wishing him happy Lorhi, Kareena also calls him, he goes to sit with Mahesh asking him how is he looking but Mahesh turns away with a sad face, Rakhi explains it is not to be worried about since he has come out after a long time, Mahesh is however constantly looking at Preeta and even smiles. Rakhi mentions she is glad he came out of the basement and into their house.

Mahesh however stands up which worries Rakhi and she asks what happened? He walks straight to Preeta wishing her Happy Lordhi, she is really glad to hear he is getting well, she mentions he is getting better but Mahesh leaves which worries Preeta.

Sameer seeing that Kareena is really tensed questions why is she feeling like this since she should be happy because Mahesh has gotten better.

Preeta is standing when Karan comes mentioning these colours are looking gorgeous on her, Preeta questions if only the colours are looking good and not her? Karan leaves saying that his friends have come with whom he practices so he has to attend to them.

Prithvi is walking when Sherlyn coming questions what has happened since she did not find him in his room? Prithvi leaves mentioning he has changed his room and shifted with Kritika, Sherlyn gets tensed asking what happened? Prithvi leaves replying it is a long story which he tells her later.

Prithvi takes the Mechanic to the corner asking him to hand the bomb but he replies that he was not able to make it, Prithvi in anger questions what is he saying when he clearly informed that he needed the bomb today, the Mechanic mentions it is a really unique thing which will take time to built, Prithvi must try to delay the prayer as long as possible. Prithvi questions why did he not say it clearly that it will take some time, he asks Prithvi to not waste time by scolding him but think of a way to delay the prayer, the Mechanic leaves when Prithvi orders him to make the bomb today! Prithvi thinks he will blow the bomb on his head if he is not able to make it!

Preeta while walking bumps into the Mechanic, he thinks she is the same girl whose photo he saw, she wishes him Happy Lorhi but he leaves, Preeta gets worried wondering why did he leave so soon since the function is just about to start, she is standing when Karan calls her saying she is also nice.

Preeta gets shocked when he questions why is she looking here and there when he is standing in front of her, she is also looking pretty. Preeta mentions he is flirting with her which she doesn’t like, but in reality, she doesn’t like if he flirts with anyone. Karan says she is wrong since she really likes when he flirts with her but doesn’t want to show it, Preeta mentions he must not do it since it doesn’t seem nice, Karan asks what happened? She mentions that before, he was the great Karan Luthra but now, the tides have changed, and she is the great Preeta Luthrạ. Karan exclaims whatever be the case, she likes when he flirts with her, he knows her heart starts beating fast that they reach his heart and now her eyes only wants to see him, her ear just wants to hear him but she replies it is not like that, he asks then what is it like since she has also worn his favourite colour?

Karan explains that eyes talk faster then words, so whenever she wants to look at him, then just remember him and he will come running, if she is not able to see him, then can just make a sign so he will come to her. He says she can even look at him so he will not be sure, Preeta turns so karan hides behind her, she gets tensed when he is not there, Karan whistles from behind asking if she was searching for him?

Preeta leaves and then thinks why she was not saying anything when he had said a lot to her, she decides to also reply but she’s shocked to see that Karan is laughing with Natasha, she leaves in anger.

Karan tries to go after Preeta but Natasha tries to hug him, he questions what is she doing when Natasha says that she is doing what he just asked her to since this will make Preeta feel jealous, she makes Karan accept she is doing the right thing, Karan allows her to do whatever she is doing, Natasha questions what if she came into his life before Preeta but Karan mentions she cannot even think about it anymore, Natasha asks him to think about it but Karan leaves mentioning he is looking for the drummers. Natasha thinks she is spicy red chilli and would not leave his life once she enters it!

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