After Rakhi introduces Preeta to him, Preeta tells the Doctor that she’d like to meet him at his Clinic soon.

Preeta feels strange to see Sherlyn step out of the Luthra Mansion after a long time.

Nagre arrives there and expresses his displeasure about supporting Preeta. Prithvi calls Nagre to warn him to stay away from Preeta! Much to Prithvi’s shock, Karan overhears Nagre talking about the real and fake Coconut.

Karan begins to suspect Nagre’s intentions and thinks about helping Preeta. He talks to himself about Preeta’s actions to tackle Nagre and Prithvi.

Preeta arrives there to tell Karan that she is transparent and she need not frighten her enemies.

Shambhu visits Prithvi to give him the real bomb that looks like a Coconut. Karan, however, feels shocked to see Sherlyn very eager about Preeta doing the ‘Lohri’ prayer.

Karan and Preeta begin to perform the ‘Lohri’ prayer together. Suddenly, Prithvi comes there to stop them from doing the prayer. When Karan refuses to listen to Prithvi, he calls himself a Priest. This shocks everyone and then Prithvi explains that the Priest has asked him to do it.  Prithvi tells everyone that Preeta is among the Seniors of the family as she is the owner of the Mansion. He then quietly takes Sherlyn and Kritika behind from the bonfire.

Karan begins to suspect Prithvi when he sees him moving away from the bonfire. He notices Sherlyn and Prithvi eagerly waiting for Preeta to hit the Coconut on the ground. In no time, Karan stops Preeta from breaking the Coconut. He snatches the Coconut from her hand and says that he will break it. Everyone assumes that he is just pranking her, and he runs away from there with it. Prithvi thinks about ways to get them back there but Sherlyn asks them to focus on Mahesh.

Mona comes running out of Mahesh’s room and lies to everyone that he is attacking her. The Doctor who had come to check on Mahesh tells Rakhi that Mahesh is still mentally ill.

Kareena and Rakhi get teary eyed while requesting Mahesh to control himself. Mahesh sees Nagre and recalls him forcibly given shock therapy to him long back. He kicks Nagre while being chained to the bed by him and the others.

Karan throws the Coconut in a pit and its explosion frightens Preeta. She cuddles Karan out of concern but later lies that it was just situational.

Karan and Preeta return home and learn that Mahesh’s mental condition is getting critical again. Prithvi assures Dadi that he will not let anyone move Mahesh to the Mental Asylum.

Preeta questions the sudden change in Prithvi’s behaviour. Prithvi pretends to be nice to her and shouts at her while saying that she always falsely accuses him! Karan lashes out at Prithvi and asks him to talk to Preeta with respect! Kritika gets in Karan’s way to remind him that Prithvi is her husband.

Preeta pretends to be upset with the family feud and asks everyone to end the argument.

The Doctor comes out of Mahesh’s room with Rakhi and Sameer to tell everyone about his state. He tells the Luthras that Mahesh should be moved to a Mental Asylum. Prithvi requests him not to do so and assures him that he will keep Mahesh in the basement. The Doctor warns everyone that Mahesh would be moved to a Mental Asylum if Mahesh comes out of the basement.

After the Doctor leaves, Preeta pretends that she is not bothered about Mahesh and goes to her room. Kareena says that Preeta has crossed her limits of disrespecting everyone! Srishti keeps hearing this but does not respond to maintain Preeta’s cover.

Preeta asks Karan if he trusts the Doctor enough?

At Karan and Janki’s insistence, Srishti agrees to let Sameer drop her and Janki home. However, Srishti’s indifference hurts Sameer. To calm Sameer down, Janki suggests him to be patient with Srishti.

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