Karan walks into the room and finds Preeta sleeping. They argue over the bed and Preeta sends Karan out. A frustrated Karan runs into Sameer who tells him that Srishti is angry with him. They both complain about their love lives and Karan promises that he will bring Sameer and Srishti together.

Later, Prithvi starts a fight with Kritika over the issue of Mahesh. Kareena intervenes and asks what is the matter? Prithvi creates a scene and explains the reason he kept Mahesh locked in the basement. Prithvi mentions how Mahesh’s behaviour would impact the Company. He shifts the blame on Preeta and asks Kritika, why doesn’t she support him? Prithvi tells everyone not to meet Mahesh in the basement as he could attack anyone.

Later, Karan and Sameer converse and end up missing Rishabh. Sameer confesses his love for Srishti and Karan asks him to go tell her that.

Later, Natasha arrives and meets with Sameer. Meanwhile, Kareena and Rakhi console Kritika and blame Preeta for Mahesh’s situation. Kritika mentions that she will support Prithvi no matter what!

Sherlyn figures out Prithvi’s plan, which makes him happy. They share a drink together and Prithvi applauds Sherlyn’s move to give Mahesh the medication. Sherlyn mentions that she was amazed by Prithvi’s move to kill two birds with one stone, as he shouted at Kritika and everyone blames Preeta for their problems.

Later, Preeta thinks about a traumatic time and misses her Mother. She prays for strength and makes a resolve that she will free Mahesh and give him the respect he deserves back!

Natasha meets with Sameer and says that he should ask a girl for help, in matters of the heart. She asks him to send a video to Srishti, asking for her forgiveness.

Srishti enjoys the video but remembers his past transgressions and refuses to forgive him.

Later, someone knocks on Preeta’s room but when she opens the door, Karan rushes in and sleeps on the bed. Preeta tries to trick him and ends up sleeping on her side of the bed. Preeta gets up and thinks about the humiliation Mahesh had to face at the hands of Prithvi and determines that she will take her revenge!

Prithvi comes down to the basement and speaks to Mona, the Caretaker there. She tells him that Preeta came down to the basement and gave her an ultimatum. Prithvi feels furious and pays the Caretaker.

Preeta comes down once again and eavesdrops on the two. She learns that Prithvi is mixing Mahesh’s medication up and keeping him delirious.

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