Prithvi feels that someone is watching them and Preeta hides quickly.

Later, Prithvi comes back home and wonders who followed him to the basement? Kritika sees Prithvi heading back to the room and wonders what is troubling him?

Meanwhile, Sameer sneaks inside Srishti’s house but gets caught by Janki. Srishti wakes up and thinks that a Thief has broken inside but finds Sameer.

Prithvi figures out that it was Preeta who followed him to the basement. He goes to her room but Preeta covers her tracks well.

Preeta decides to find out why Prithvi was paying Mona in cash.

Srishti refuses to help Sameer but Janki tells him to go speak with Srishti and confess his feelings. But Srishti shouts at him and tells him the trouble she and Preeta had to go to. She refuses to forgive him and asks him to leave! Srishti tells Janki that she hates talking with Sameer like this but she doesn’t trust him anymore.

Later, Kritika apologizes to Prithvi and says that she’ll stand on his side. Prithvi’s indifferent answer worries Kritika but makes him happy.

Rakhi holds Mahesh’s favourite piece of clothing and cries in her room. Kareena enters and asks what’s troubling her? Rakhi sobs and mentions that today is Mahesh’s birthday and she is crying over his condition.

Preeta talks on the phone and sees Kareena going into the basement. She wonders about her and later sees Mona entering the basement.

Kareena goes to wish Mahesh but Mona sees them. Furious, she starts beating them with a whip mercilessly.

Preeta follows them and intervenes. She stops Mona from beating them but she defends her actions by stating that the Doctor has deemed it necessary and she knows what she’s doing. Mona demands Preeta to not disturb her anymore and to let her do the work!

Meanwhile, Sameer wakes up and feels bad thinking about Srishti.

Karan arrives and asks what’s troubling him? Sameer tells him the incidents of last night and Karan starts laughing. They hear Kareena calling and rush downstairs.

Kareena creates a scene and asks Preeta why she went to the basement?? She mentions that Mona shouldn’t be bothered as she can send Mahesh to the Mental Asylum. Prithvi interjects and says that he agrees with Kareena. Kritika too intervenes and they all blame Preeta. Natasha tries to reason with them all but Karan shouts at Preeta. He misunderstands her but Preeta rebukes them all, by saying that she owns the house!

Karan mentions that if Mahesh is taken away, he and the other family members will leave as well! Rakhi takes his side as well but Preeta asks Karan to follow her as she wishes to speak with him.

Preeta drags Karan away and tries to reason with him. She tells Karan that she expects him to support her sometimes and they end up arguing. Karan tells Preeta that only money matters to her!

Kritika arrives and says that something is wrong with Rakhi. Preeta takes care of Rakhi but Natasha interjects and blames Preeta for Rakhi’s condition. Kritika, Sherlyn, and Prithvi join Natasha and they all blame Preeta for Mahesh and Rakhi’s condition.

Karan tells Preeta to stop pretending as he knows she doesn’t care about anything else apart from the money. Kareena suggests that they all should leave the house. Preeta decides to pacify the situation and rebukes them all. She issues an ultimatum and says that those who step out, won’t be allowed back in!

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