Natasha taunts Karan over Preeta and riles everyone against her.  She tells Karan to control Preeta and later, feels proud of her plan.

Karan and Preeta argue where she hurts Karan but she’s unable to tell her true intentions.

Janki and Dadi taunt Srishti and Preeta calls them. Dadi catches the sadness in Preeta’s voice and asks Srishti about her? Preeta determines to fix things at home!

Kareena and Kritika are happy and discuss how Preeta’s true face has been revealed. Kareena sees Karan and asks about his well-being? She talks about Preeta and calls her selfish!

Sameer rebukes Kareena and Kritika for creating more problems.

Later, Preeta keeps an eye on Mona and notices that she carries her purse everywhere. Preeta realizes that Mona is up to something. She plans a move and later, asks Mona to help in preparing food.

Prithvi realizes that all his problems have been caused by Preeta. Sherlyn barges into Prithvi’s room and mentions that he is not supporting her anymore.

Later, Sameer stops Karan and tries to pacify him. Kritika walks in on Sherlyn and Prithvi having an argument but he manages to swindle Kritika. Prithvi later tells her that he’s using Kritika and to not worry about him.

At the dinner table, Mona feels angry as she was asked to serve food. Preeta eats the salad prepared by Mona but starts getting a headache and eventually, faints.

Preeta regains her consciousness and refuses to trust Mona as she says that she has mixed something in her food. Natasha takes Mona’s side and asks Mona to apologize. Prithvi feels grateful for Natasha as she handled the situation well. Mona refuses to apologize and Karan takes Preeta to her room.

Prithvi feels elated over Preeta’s failed attempt.

Rakhi cries over the situation and Kareena once again blames Preeta. Mona protests her innocence and asks everyone to trust her.

Karan tells Preeta to rest but they end up having an argument.

Prithvi tells Kritika that he is tired of how Preeta is always out to make him the bad guy! Kritika agrees with him and consoles him and says that she’s on his side to support him.

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