Prithvi goes to meet Preeta and taunts her. He mentions that her actions will prove her to be mentally unstable and the property will be his! Preeta says that she will expose him as she knows he’s paying Mona and she will not let him win at any cost! Preeta mentions that she knows everything there is to know about Prithvi, which baffles him. He gives her a warning and storms out.

Later, Natasha serves tea to everyone and at that moment, Srishti and Dadi arrive. Sherlyn taunts Srishti but she gives her a fitting reply. They tell her about Preeta’s argument with Mona and Srishti feels furious. Natasha pacifies everyone but Dadi’s quick response keeps her quiet.

Kareena tells Srishti and Dadi that Preeta has fainted. Shocked, they ask about her condition but Kareena remains unfazed and passes a remark. Dadi warns Mona that if she’s involved, she’ll teach her a lesson!

Later, the Doctor arrives and Prithvi tells her that Preeta believes Mona mixed something in her food. The Doctor decides to check and takes Preeta’s blood sample. She conveys her doubts and mentions that Preeta was poisoned. Everyone is appalled and the Doctor asks everyone to leave the room.

Preeta goes over her plan and Mona meets with Prithvi, who assures her that he’ll do something to save her.

Later, Karan and Preeta end up arguing again and he tells her that he doesn’t trust her anymore. Karan shouts at Preeta and mentions that he knows she’s here just for the money!Preeta feels hurt over Karan’s words.

Prithvi comes up with a plan to insult Preeta and to berate her in front of everyone.

The Doctor brings in the reports and Mona mentions that it is all a ploy to remove her and she plans to take legal action against Preeta!

Karan intervenes and Preeta mentions that she will take hardcore legal action against Mona!

The Doctor reveals the results and says that the poison found in Preeta’s blood is real and was administered on purpose. Karan feels furious but Preeta stops him and says that Mona’s belongings need to be searched!

Prithvi is angry and wonders if Mona did really poison Preeta?

Mona begins to feel scared when the Doctor claims that Preeta was poisoned.

Daljeet decides to lodge a complaint against Mona. She picks up her phone to punish Mona for poisoning Preeta. Srishti seconds Daljeet’s decision but realises that Preeta is hinting not to complaint against Mona. Preeta fears that her plan to expose Mona will get foiled. Srishti immediately stops Daljeet from calling anyone.

Preeta tells the Doctor to document the fact that Mona had poisoned her salad. At Preeta’s behest, Karan goes to check Mahesh’s room for the poison.

Natasha follows Karan to the room to secretly protect Mona but Karan sees her with Mona’s purse. They get the purse to the living room but the Doctor fails to find anything against Mona.

Kareena lashes out at Preeta for creating a ruckus about being poisoned! However, the Doctor finds a vial of poison in Mona’s purse, which shocks everyone.

Preeta reminds everyone how Mona used to whip Mahesh. The Doctor supports Preeta’s decision to fire Mona and gives the credit to Prithvi.

Sherlyn and Prithvi get angry to see that Preeta has managed to get rid of their recruit, Mona.

Preeta goes to her room and reveals to Daljeet and Srishti that she had consumed poison to expose Mona.

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