The Luthra family helps Mahesh enter the room, he sits on the bed witnessing which everyone is really happy after a while. Prithvi walks into the room, he assures there is no need for Mahesh to be worried about here since he is surrounded by his family and should be comfortable, Karan asks Mahesh to lie down on the bed.

Prithvi thinks this is the right time to show everyone that he cares a lot for Mahesh and whatever Preeta does for him would be wrong, so whatever he does would be good for Mahesh while everything that Preeta does is wrong, Prithvi offers to bring water for Mahesh, Ganesh offers to bring it however Prithvi is adamant to only bring it himself.

Karan assures that he would be fine after a while since they have brought him just now, he sits beside Mahesh when Rakhi also sits down by his feet.

Prithvi is walking in the hall when he stops seeing Preeta coming down the stairs, he thinks he is really excited to see her since he can see her plans which she made of the future, since she plans to bring Mahesh out of the basement but the medicine which he has been taking will not go away in a single day.

Preeta thinks the fight which she is fighting for Mahesh would not be so easy but she will surely make sure Mahesh comes back to his family once again, Prithvi thinks he knows what she is thinking but she will not be able to do anything and make Mahesh come back to his family.

Preeta thinks he would be wondering what will she be doing but she has only come here to help Mahesh and will only protect Mahesh from him! Prithvi walking to her thinks she still has a cause of tension since Preeta always thinks she is aware of his plans but he surprises her with a new style of attack for which she doesn’t have any solution.

Prithvi offers her water since she seems tensed, however she refuses to have it, Prithvi explains it did not happen like she desired since she wanted Mahesh Luthra to be shifted to his room from the basement but it cannot happen, since she herself saw that Mahesh found the stairs to be moving because of which he himself was dancing but it is not the case as only his mind was dancing, she even advises her to not do it since this is not her work, while he is really good in doing them.

Prithvi explains that the relationship between a Doctor and a Patient is really strange since they know what is best for their Patients but if there is any sort of problems for the Patients, then they can cut it, so just like that, he is the Doctor of Mahesh and knows that he is best by living in the basement. Rakhi is a sort of an emotional person since she’s his Wife so desires that he celebrate the birthday with his family, but what if he creates a scene and then causes a lot of problems for them all?

Prithvi leaves asking if she is understanding what he meant? He leaves so Preeta thinks that he is not understanding what she is planning as he’s going to make sure that Mahesh celebrates the birthday with them, and it is proved Mahesh is not a mad person however, he doesn’t know if before that it is proved that Prithvi himself is a mental Patient!

Prithvi enters the room where the entire Luthra family is sitting, he asks Karan to help Mahesh drink the water, Prithvi tries to explain that he is a well wisher of the Luthra family and cares for them, he wants to say something to them and what is wrong is wrong but sometimes it tends to be more wrong, they all should not make the same mistake as Preeta, they are seeing that Mahesh is not well and the best place for him is the basement but to bring him out of it just for the Party is wrong. He feels she might have challenged someone so nothing is more important for her than her ego, Preeta also fired Mona and they all see that she has been taking care of Mahesh for a long time, she might have had some differences with Mona but fired her.

Karan exclaims that Preeta was not wrong in firing Mona since if she can poison Preeta, then who knows what she can do to Mahesh!

Sherlyn also starts arguing with Prithvi questioning if he thinks they do not know what Preeta is doing, she is always wronging them but then she is sure that Preeta can never harm Mahesh because she would be ruining her own plans.

Prithvi questions how much she trusts Preeta, he asks Kritika if she trusts Preeta? Kritika replies she trusted her a lot which is why her heart is broken and how can she trust someone who has two faces, she shows one side of her face to the World while she keeps the other side hidden.

Karan tries to stop her when Kritika replies Preeta herself accepted that she came here for the sake of money. Kareena mentions she knew the truth from the start that Preeta only came here for the sake of money, she seeks approval from her mMther who replies she doesn’t want to think about it since whenever she questions herself, then she gets only one answer which is that Preeta is not doing the right thing!

Preeta is cooking when Bi jee comes informing she is really eager after smelling the delicious food, Preeta replies she is cooking peas soup for Mahesh which he likes a lot, Bi jee replies that Preeta is beautiful and clever along with having good taste, she also feels really good after everyone smiles after eating the food, Bi jee questions why does she feel Preeta is tensed, when Preeta replies she doesn’t know how can she help him get healthy in one day, she feels if Mahesh stays with them, then she along with everyone would be able to take care of him, otherwise if he’s sent back to the basement, then might once again be poisoned just like before since they cannot watch him every day or time.

Bi jee explains she knows Prithvi was trying a lot to send Mahesh into the basement but in order to stop him, Preeta must do something that Prithvi can never think of anything else, Preeta after waiting for a while exclaims, she has found a plan.

Rakhi says she doesn’t care what everyone says or thinks about as she is like the old Rakhi who does whatever she thinks in her heart and knows Preeta is only doing this for the sake of Mahesh, she cannot wrong the Luthra family at any given point.

Prithvi informs that Rakhi is saying this because she is a really nice person and cannot see the evil in anyone else, but Preeta is not right.

Kareena says she never agrees with Preeta in anything but will agree with her this time, she has done nothing wrong with Mona, hearing this everyone is shocked while Prithvi and Sherlyn are stunned as well. Kareena explains she doesn’t know how Mona was working, as even though she was appointed to take care of Mahesh, but she used to scare him with the hunter and even tried to control them!

Prithvi questions did she not forget the reason because Mahesh Uncle was getting really violent and tried harming them?

Kareena replies even then, there are a lot of other ways, and upon hearing this, Prithvi assures now he is not going to stop anyone from meeting Mahesh since his health is getting better.

Preeta coming at the door questions who is he to say this since he doesn’t have any authority to do anything like this! Preeta walks to Karan with the peas soup, saying he should help Papa drink it.

Preeta puts the tray, and turning to Prithvi asks who is he that he’s going to tell them about the mental condition of Mahesh, and where he’s going to stay?

Prithvi then questions who is Preeta as even he knows that she is just a Physio and not anything else, Preeta signals him to stop talking when she asks everyone to come down with her since she needs to talk with them. Prithvi stops saying not everyone will come because she has fired Mona and now someone needs to take care of Mahesh, Preeta informs that his Son is here to take care of Mahesh so everyone else should come with her!

Prithvi stops Kritika saying that she should stay with her Uncle to take care of him.

Preeta is sitting downstairs with a notebook when everyone comes to stand in front of her, Preeta asks Ganesh to go and take care of Mahesh since it’s his responsibility.

Preeta asks where is Kritika but then Prithvi offers everyone to sit down however, Preeta refuses exclaiming that there is a lot of work and he should just tell her where is Kritika! Prithvi replies he sent her to the room of Mahesh Uncle, Preeta gets angry exclaiming everyone does what he/she feels like!

Preeta starts shouting the name of Kritika, she coming down asks why is she yelling when Preeta replies why did Kritika stay with Mahesh even when she did not ask her to? Preeta informs she could have given her this duty but with the current situation, cannot even think about it! Kritika questions why can she not meet Mahesh since he’s her Uncle and Preeta is neither the Principal nor the Head!

Preeta replies she is the Owner of this house and Kritika doesn’t have any aim in her life, she has put her entire focus on Prithvi and is becoming just like him! Kritika exclaims has she not said a lot when Preeta informs that if she feels so much about taking care of the family, then can perform his other duties, Preeta asks why does she not make the breakfast every morning? Hearing this, Kritika is tensed.

Preeta explains they are celebrating the birthday of Mahesh, so Kareena should prepare a list of all the Guests but must not invite a lot of people since the Party would be a family gathering so few Guests should be present, but Sherlyn’s Mom should not be included in this list!

Sherlyn questions why should her Mother not come since she is the best friend of Kareena when Preeta says she can herself go to her house!

Preeta asks Dadi to take Rakhi and go to the Kitchen since she knows about his likings and can prepare really good food, Preeta also asks her why can she not take Sherlyn along with her as she doesn’t do any other work.

Preeta once again advises them that they are planning a budget Party and nothing should exceed the cost! She sits down while everyone else is still standing, she questions why they are not doing their work??

Prithvi while walking the stairs, falls down after trembling from the marbles, the entire family rushes to him when Bi jee suddenly comes asking where her cough syrup is and pushes the marble away, she signals Preeta who is also smiling. Preeta thinks that when Bi jee asked her to plan by which she can end the plans of Prithvi, Preeta informs that she has a plan so Bi jee should place something that causes him to fall, she will be able to prove that he is not in his senses so everything falls according to their desires!

Bi jee starts looking to her in shock when Preeta requests her to not look at her like this since she needs to make this plan because of Prithvi!

The entire family is helping Prithvi when Preeta asks if he is fine and did he feel like the stairs are moving, he agrees so Preeta calls the Doctor asking him to come to their house since they would need to put Prithvi in the basement as he is also feeling the stairs are moving.

Prithvi rushes to her ending the call, he questions if there is a joke going on here questioning what is she doing? Preeta replies what is she doing as he in front of everyone when Mahesh Papa fell down, Prithvi said he is mental and is seeing the stairs moving, now when he himself fell down so he as well is a mental person and just like when he keeps on saying that Mahesh Papa is a danger to the family, then Prithvi is also a danger! Prithvi questions if this is a joke?

Bi jee replies that why would anyone joke with him since he himself is a joke! Kritika going asks Bi jee to not talk with him like this!

Preeta asks why she is talking with Bi jee in such a manner when she is a lot older than Prithvi!

Kareena questions why Preeta is talking to her daughter like this? Preeta replies that she would not say anything but decide what happens to everyone, and if Prithvi is not sent to the basement then Mahesh Papa would also not be sent there since both of them have the same mental state and if Mahesh was seeing the stairs floating, then he is also witnessing the same!

Preeta offers to call the Doctor and reveals the entire backstory.

Prithvi explains since the past two years, he had been trying to take control of the Luthra empire but then she came which caused him immense shock, so he lost his mental state.

Preeta explains that she is going to call the Doctor who will come and give him some treatment or even shock, after which he will be declared as a mental person!

Prithvi thinks that Preeta has won the game and would prove him as a mental person so now he has to do something which makes the situation turn in his favour. Prithvi apologizes to Preeta and everyone informing that he might be mistaken that something was on the stairs because he had fallen because of his own cramp, and even feels as if nothing was wrong with Mahesh, he is completely healthy which causes everyone to smile.

Preeta turns back when the Decorators come and asks Rakhi to go and help Mahesh get ready.

Mahesh is really happy while playing the game with Ganesh, he asks if he should bring it but then Mahesh replies if he brings it then Rakhi will scold him since she doesn’t like it.

Rakhi is standing in the hall, Mahesh replies that Ganesh inquired if he would like to have the ladoo but he refused since Rakhi would get angry but Ganesh replies this is the quality of the house as whenever someone is angry with someone, they tend to stay angry only for a little time but the other person consoles, they all are really nice including Mahesh.

Rakhi enters the room asking Mahesh what happened when he replies that Ganesh asked if he would like to have the ladoo but he said that she will get angry however Rakhi asks if he remembers Ganesh when Mahesh questions if he should not have remembered him since he has been with Mahesh for a long time. Rakhi questions if he would like to have the ladoo when Mahesh asks if she is serious but Rakhi assures she will if he likes to eat them, Mahesh agrees so she sends Ganesh who runs away.

Karan thinks he will not go into the room because his Mother and Father do not get to spend time together.

Mahesh reveals he was just saying that he likes the ladoo a lot but then realized he should not eat sweets and wondered if she would scold him or not so this is what he was talking about, Rakhi explains today is his birthday so how can she scold him since it is said they need to listen to every desire of the one whose birthday it is, he exclaims he forgot his own birthday when she starts crying and he questions why is she crying since there is no need, he holds her hand kissing it while she is smiling.

Prithvi is walking to his room and he’s not able to walk properly, Kritika asks him to be careful and he sitting down mentions he did not fall but it all happened because of Preeta, he doesn’t know what problem she has with Mahesh since she wants him to stay with his family but Preeta desires that he stay with his family so that she can have him ridiculed, the Doctors themselves said that he can attack anyone and has even attacked a lot of the Guests, he can understand that Rakhi tends to forget his problem since she’s his Wife but what about Preeta who knows the entire truth and even then is doing this on purpose so she can have him ridiculed, she wants to prove him wrong, she does the opposite of what he is doing since for her, only her ego matters and now even caused him to fall from the stairs.

Kritika isn’t able to accept it when Prithvi asks her to not question her since he knows she is behind it all, he reveals she only respects her a bit since she calls herself as the Owner of the house but if she does anything from now on then Kritika must not ask him to stay quiet! Kritika goes to pour water when Kritika explains she will say a lot but to stand with Prithvi, the only reason she did not interfere was because he has a history with Preeta and they have a lot of thing but now things have come to the health of her family, she is going to stand with him and not only her but the entire family will be with him because she knows he is doing the right thing, Prithvi stands to hug Kritika thanking her for always supporting him, he smiles as he is sure that now his plan would be fulfilled!

Karan walks down the stairs when he sees Preeta working and so walks to her, he offers her a flower but then exclaims his head was aching and so places it on his hair, Preeta questions what he wants to tell her? Karan stands there in tension, she asks him to come out of this confusion state and say whatever he wants to, he is hesitant when Preeta mentions he wanted to thank her, he in a low pitched voice thanks her, he explains he wanted to thank her and it doesn’t mean anything. Preeta replies she knows that thanks and sorry are the two favourite words of his but only when someone else says it to him so how did he say it her? Karan replies he felt like it so said thanks and why does she complicate things? Preeta mentions she is not complicating things but he tends to make things complicated.

Karan questions what he has done since he only desired to thank her since she made sure Mahesh came out of the room. Preeta replies she did it for herself since she promised him, she will make sure Mahesh Papa is brought out of the basement. She tries to leave when Karan informs that his Mother is a little emotional and wanted to celebrate his birthday, but she saw how he acted in front of the family members, then how will he act in front of so many people?

Preeta thinks that this is the best opportunity for them to celebrate since she has called the Judge and the Doctor, as Mata Rani (goddess) has provided the opportunity to help her declare that he is not mental and perfectly fine.

Karan explains that he feels today is not the right time to celebrate the birthday party as it is not the correct time, Preeta replies she understands what he is saying but he is right and can discuss with the family. Karan turns to leave when she stops him explaining he is saying what he feels like but Rakhi doesn’t feel like this, she requested her to arrange this Party and all of the preparations have been completed, she has even sent a lot of advances to the people and if they cancel the Party, then it will lead to a lot of losses, yet if he is able to convince Rakhi as her heart would break if the Party is ended then should come to inform her.

Preeta leaves when Karan turns, he is shocked to see tears in the eyes of his Mother who leaves, he follows her.

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