This worries Sherlyn and Prithvi, who soon get into an argument due to frustration.

Prithvi and Nagre realise that Preeta has invited the Judge to the Party to prove Mahesh mentally stable. He tells Nagre that he will do something to foil Preeta’s plan! He asks Preeta about her plans related to Mahesh’s birthday Party. However, Preeta refrains from reacting to his comments or revealing her plan.

Preeta warmly receives the Judge at the Party and then begins a dance performance. She makes fun of Prithvi during her performance, which angers him.

Prithvi goes to his room to consume medicine to control himself. Sherlyn enters the room and requests him not to consume the pills as it worsens his condition. Prithvi loses his cool and decides to extract the truth from Preeta. He goes out and makes arrangements to spread smoke at the Party. He begins a dance performance but drags Preeta away after smoke spreads everywhere. He takes Preeta to a room and tries to torture her, but she reveals her plan very easily.

Prithvi initially looks shocked but soon begins to laugh at Preeta. He reminds her that he is not weak like Karan or an emotional fool like Rakhi. He tells Preeta that her plan will go against her. He explains that after Mahesh is proven mentally stable his will that made her or Prithvi the Owner will get nullified! Prithvi then asks Preeta if she is still emotionally attached to the Luthras and deduces that she is back to take revenge on him.

Meanwhile, Karan’s questions make Sherlyn worry that Karan might catch Prithvi with Preeta in the room.

Prithvi fails to threaten Preeta despite being able to abduct her. Her revelation makes him assume that she still cares for the Luthras. Preeta lies that she has no feelings for them. On being asked, she confirms that she hates him a lot. Preeta says that she has come back for Mahesh. Preeta tells him that she is now sure that Mahesh was always mentally stable. She realises that Mona was deliberately harming Mahesh’s mental condition at his behest.

Preeta decides to step out of the room to tell everyone about it. However, Prithvi fears that his plan against Mahesh can get foiled, and pulls the carpet causing Preeta to fall down. Preeta falls on the door of the room and falls unconscious due to a head injury.

Prithvi tries to lock her in the room. Much to his shock, he runs into Karan and Sherlyn when he steps out of the room.

Srishti comes there to inform him about the Judge’s decision related to Mahesh. However, someone hits on her head to render her unconscious.

Prithvi renders Preeta unconscious and then worries about being exposed. He thinks about calling his henchmen and handing over Preeta to them. Much to his shock, Preeta regains consciousness while he was talking on the Phone. Prithvi turns around and gets the shock of his life to see Preeta standing with a dagger. He lies that he was calling a Doctor to help her regain consciousness. Preeta tells him that she is well aware of his intentions!

Prithvi tells Preeta that they need to settle scores between themselves and need not tell on each other. A furious Preeta slaps Prithvi and tells him that she will not complain about it to anyone. Before leaving, she tells Prithvi that she pities him that he had to attack her from behind.

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