Someone drags an unconscious Srishti inside a room. Sherlyn looks around and then enters the room to see if everything is fine. It is revealed that Natasha had attacked Srishti at Sherlyn’s behest.

In the living room, Karan asks Sameer about Preeta and he laughs at Karan by saying that he is missing Preeta. Karan says that he is worried because Preeta has been missing for long.

Preeta arrives there and gets romantic with Karan after seeing his concerns for herself. Karan and Preeta begin a dance performance.

Sherlyn accuses Prithvi of falling for Preeta again, which angers him. Sherlyn faints due to being strangled by Prithvi.

Surprisingly, Sameer enters the room where Srishti is lying unconscious, and Natasha tries hard to hide.

Natasha hides in the wardrobe to avoid being caught by Sameer. He steps ahead to open the wardrobe and finds that Natasha was lying unconscious. He gets shocked to see Srishti lying unconscious near the bed. He sprinkles water on Srishti’s face to help her regain consciousness.

Srishti wakes up and gets shocked to see Natasha unconscious around her. Unaware of Natasha’s pretence, they both try to help her regain consciousness. Srishti immediately runs to the living room to meet Preeta. Sameer goes after Srishti, and Natasha feels proud of herself after being able to fool them.

Meanwhile, Prithvi sprinkles water on Sherlyn’s face to help her regain consciousness. Sherlyn lashes out at Prithvi for attacking her and refuses to listen to him. After Sherlyn leaves, Prithvi decides to do something to foil Preeta’s plan! He comes out of the room and Kritika takes him to the dance floor.

Sherlyn gets upset to see Prithvi dancing with Kritika and considers him careless!

Surprisingly, Dr Zariwala arrives at the party and Prithvi welcomes him. Soon, Mahesh hallucinates a Snake in Rakhi’s neck, and tries to take it away. However, Karan intervenes when everyone presumes that Mahesh is strangling Rakhi.

The Judge claims that Mahesh is still mentally unstable. He and Dr Zariwala scold the Luthras for taking Mahesh’s condition lightly. Preeta and Rakhi blame themselves for all of this.

Later, Karan gets upset with Preeta and asks her not to take decisions regarding Mahesh! Preeta feels hurt when she overhears Kritika blaming her for everything. She leaves from there and breaks down while recalling the failure of her plans.

Sameer comes there and pacifies Preeta. Srishti feels great to see Sameer motivating Preeta. They later meet Daljeet who tries to hide Preeta’s intentions from Sameer. Preeta and Srishti tell Daljeet that Sameer is now with them in all their plans.

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