Shristhi is with the Lawyer who says it would not be possible, Shrishti questions why he’s saying this and can at least try, the Lawyer replies he is a big Judge and would not come to a Party. Shristhi explains that he is the same Judge who declared that Mahesh’s Uncle is mentally unfit and if he comes to the Party, then would surely feel good to meet Mahesh, the Lawyer agrees to call the Judge to come to the Party, he informs that no one has been able to convince him except for Shristhi and he will surely call him but not at this moment but during the lunch break, he is sure that the Judge would not refuse. Shrishti gets excited and rushes out.

Nagre enters the house when the Lawyer asks him to sit down, Nagre asks why Shristhi came to him? The Lawyer reveals that she wanted him to make sure the Judge comes to the Party of Mahesh. Nagre thinks he doesn’t know what is going on but believes that Prithvi should know the entire plan.

Karan tries his best to stop Rakhi who doesn’t listen to him, but he requests her, she replies she heard everything which she wanted to hear, he says she just stood there for a few minutes when Rakhi replies she reached at the correct moment. Rakhi questions what has happened to him? Preeta says she just came for the money, but she is not able to accept it since she and Mahesh consider her as their daughter even before they got married, Preeta means a lot to her, and he mustn’t talk with her like this. He is asking why she is arranging the birthday party of Mahesh?

Karan replies he only meant that his father is not well, so it is not right to bring him to the Party, Rakhi scolds him saying she doesn’t want to hear even a single word! She leaves exclaiming that Preeta is doing this all for Rakhi and Mahesh.

Natasha coming out of the corner apologizes since she heard their conversation, Natasha informs she was able to listen to what he’s feeling when Natasha explains that she feels everyone is right in their own way. Karan replies that  it can never be like this but Natasha mentions she cannot understand why Preeta arranged this Party all of a sudden and what if Mahesh attacks someone? Karan leaves saying that this is what he was saying, Natasha mentions he doesn’t even know that he’s going against Preeta.

Preeta in the room asks Shristhi if she did what was asked to but Shristhi questions if Preeta has a dress she can wear at the Party? Preeta however keeps on asking the same question saying she will not answer until Shristhi reveals if she was able to complete the task, Shristhi replies how is it possible that she cannot do anything which Preeta asks but now she must tell if she has any clothes otherwise, she would have to go back home, Preeta reveals she has come clothes which Shrishti brought the last time she came to live with them and even has a dress which would be suitable for the theme of the Party.

Shristhi stops an Auto. Preeta sitting with Bi jee explains she is glad since today, the Judge who declared Mahesh as mentally unfit would come and when he will see that Mahesh is completely fine, she is going to request him to declare that Mahesh is fine. Bi jee replies that she also prays that Mahesh regains the control over his entire property. Preeta asks why is Bi jee looking at her like this when Bi jee replies she is glad that Preeta has changed as the old Preeta would have listened to everything and cried when she was alone but she now replies to them and even makes them accept her orders, she must remain like this.

Prithvi is walking towards the Party, he takes a glass of water and mixing the alcohol starts drinking it, he sees Preeta walking down and isn’t able to understand her plan since she always says she has come to the house just for money but is instead spending a lot on the Luthra family, he never spent anything on them when he was the Owner of the house but she is doing the opposite, he thinks he is not able to understand Preeta.

Prithvi stops Preeta while she’s about to walk past him, Prithvi reveals that he always comes straight to his point and doesn’t waste any time asking the real reason she threw this Party? Preeta questions why is he wasting his time since he should just enjoy the Party and have his drink? Prithvi questions if she thinks he has not thrown any Party like this since he has done this for a lot of people.

Preeta replies he would not have attended any Party like this in which he has so many questions, he asks what does she think that she knows him well? Preeta replies she knows his attitude really well when Prithvi replies this is why her Mother wanted to get them married, she replies now her Mother wants her to get him arrested!

Prithvi exclaims that it was a thing of the past but now she must just reveal the reason she threw this party and what is her plan? Preeta once again asks him to enjoy the Party since she has Guests to attend to, Prithvi informs he is warning her and she must reveal the plan since he would really become Gabbar when Sameer replies he is enough to handle someone like Prithvi and he saw how Prithvi was talking to Preeta, this is not the right way, he has tortured and humiliated them a lot but they are no longer scared of him since he is not a boss!

Preeta tries to stop Sameer, Prithvi interferes saying he is right since he himself respects women and Sameer should also do it, but he must look at this girl who claims to be the Owner of the house and starts to harm his family members who also do not respect her then why is Sameer taking her side, but he did not do it when he was the Owner when Sameer informs it is because he is not worthy enough!

Preeta asks him to not fight with Prithvi since she can handle him herself, she doesn’t want him to spoil his mood, Preeta leaves when Sameer says Preeta Bhabhi is right and walks away.

Preeta is walking when Shristhi comes to hug her explaining she has done the work, hearing this Preeta gets excited when Shristhi asks if she has anything new which she can wear when Preeta replies that she has arranged the dress for her, Shristhi agrees to go and change her clothes in the Guest room.

Shristhi bumps into Sameer mentioning that she is glad he has started using his brains, Sameer thinks if she complimented or taunted him? He leaves thinking he doesn’t have time to think about her plans anymore.

Preeta is walking when Nagre enters the Party, she welcomes him to the Party, Preeta questions why does he seem tensed, but it doesn’t matter until he is doing her work, she points towards Prithvi for whom he desired to work but she never wanted it and always desired he work for her, which he is doing so it is brilliant, Nagre replies she knows why he is working for her, Preeta explains because if he doesn’t, then she is going to reveal his truth which is safe with her but today it is not about that as he should just enjoy the Party and if he feels like meeting Prithvi, then can go ahead.

Nagre signals Prithvi who coming close blames him to be a deceiver, he says if Nagre thinks about it then he will forget if he is a Lawyer! Nagre replies that he feels Preeta is planning something big which even they do not know about.

Rakhi is helping Mahesh get dressed when Dadi comes with the Pirni mentioning that she has made it with her own hands, she exclaims if he remembers that he used to like it before going to school, Dadi praises him mentioning he is looking charming, she applies black tika when he asks her to not give him such comments since Rakhi would then not feel nice, she believes her Son is more handsome, Rakhi is tensed.

Karan thinks Mahesh doesn’t know he was in the basement and he fears what if something wrong happens however just prays everything gets sorted.

Mahesh asks Rakhi jee who is more handsome, either her husband or her own Son?

Karan entering the room mentions her Wife’s Son is more handsome since he is also the son of Mahesh. He tries to hug him, but Mahesh gets tensed, so Dadi helps him sit down and eat Pirni.

Rakhi questions why he has not gotten ready assuring everything would be fine including him. Karan prays Dad gets healthy and hugs him once again.

Karan is getting ready in the room when he tries to wear the coat but he isn’t able to, Preeta enters the room asks him to stand still as she is helping him, but he turns so they both fall on the bed, she exclaims she asked him to stand still, he is just looking at her and not able to take his eyes off her. Karan lifts the hairs that have come on her face, Preeta is also just staring at him recalling the beautiful memories which she has with him while he is also just thinking the same, Preeta after a while tries to get up but he pushes her, so she falls onto the bed, when he keeps on lying down in the same position, Preeta closes her eyes. Karan tries to get near her.

Prithvi exclaims now he understands what Nagre is doing here and why was Preeta talking with him so nicely, which is why she called Nagre to the Party and after threatening to expose him she made him come on her side but he is not understanding when she can hire any Lawyer, why did she hire him knowing he is corrupt?

Nagre replies because she knows that one has to be clever even in corruption which is why she hired him, he has to perform his best otherwise, no one would give him the money he is demanding and he cannot ruin his career while he’s just trying to ruin Preeta and needs to be on his best, Nagre replies he feels Preeta is a really clever person and she’s doing her best, he has even heard she has incited the same Judge and the Lawyer who declared Mahesh as a mad person.

Prithvi explains if they both come here, then it would be really wrong for him. Nagre mentions he cannot understand what she desires when Prithvi mentions he knows since she wants to ruin him!

Karan stands up laughing out loud, he says when he will go and tell everyone about what happened they are going to laugh, Preeta says if he says this, then she will also say he came out of the bathroom without clothes, Karan says she is lying as this never happened and he always wore clothes, he says a black crow would bite her since she is lying, Preeta says even then everyone would laugh but Karan asks if she is blackmailing him but she replies she is offering a deal.

Dadi entering the room asks Shristhi if she has gotten ready? Shristhi replies she just needs five minutes, Dadi thinking she has enough time starts drinking the cough syrup wondering why do people say that it is not nice since just two sips of it cause a lot of calmness, Shristhi suddenly comes out when Dadi asks why did she come out early? Shristhi mentions she was trying to tie her zip but was not able to do it so thought she will ask her, Dadi questions why do they have such clothes made which they cannot tie themselves? Shristhi replies it is because they can ask their sweet Dadi who will help them with their soft hands.

Preeta says to Karan that she doesn’t want to say anything but if he doesn’t then she will also remain quiet. Karan replies but what she will say is a lie however he is telling the truth, Preeta says so what, as it will make for a fun story and she was not scared, he asking about it kisses her on the cheek, she recalls when he kissed her in the past.

Karan rushes out exclaiming she turned which was good otherwise it would have been a lip to lip, Preeta starts feeling shy, she standing in front of the mirror refuses to be romantic since she has to finish her task otherwise she would not be able to do anything. Preeta rubs her face standing in front of the mirror, recalling her mission to help the Luthras.

Srishti asks Daljeet to zip up her dress but the latter fears that Srishti will know that she is drunk. Daljeet sneaks out of the room to avoid being exposed.

Surprisingly, Sameer passes by and misunderstands that Srishti is calling him. He steps ahead to zip up the dress but Srishti misunderstands his intentions. Sameer feels bad when Srishti rudely says that she does not need his help!

Nagre and Prithvi discuss their next plan against Mahesh. Prithvi thanks Nagre for his praises and the suggestion to hire a new Nurse to torture Mahesh.

Sherlyn arrives there and gives Prithvi a tip, which makes Nagre ask Prithvi a question.

Karan flirts with Natasha to make Preeta jealous but she leaves them speechless by revealing that Karan had kissed her.

Rakhi and Dadi bring Mahesh to the living room, and everyone is happy to see him normal. Mahesh walks up to Karan, cuddles him and kisses his forehead, which makes everyone emotional. Karan thanks Preeta for making all of this possible.

Mahesh’s Lawyer brings the Judge to the Party who meets Mahesh warmly.

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