Prithvi and Sherlyn laugh at Preeta and celebrate their victory in a room. Preeta’s unexpected arrival there leaves them shocked. A furious Preeta tells Sherlyn that she should be ashamed of herself for lying and cheating on her, Rishabh, and the Luthras!

Prithvi makes fun of Preeta and confesses that he and Sherlyn will always love each other. Sherlyn tries to stop him from speaking up but he keeps flaunting his relationship with her. Prithvi points out that Preeta has a soft corner for Rishabh and she explains that she respects Rishabh a lot.

Preeta regrets over convincing Rishabh to marry Sherlyn and asks Sherlyn to think over her decisions. Prithvi laughs at Preeta about being with Sherlyn in front of her. Preeta threatens to oust Sherlyn from the house along with Prithvi!

Preeta goes back to her room, but Karan refuses to stay with her in the room. Preeta weeps over the fact that Karan is getting distant from her because he considers her to be a greedy person. She then decides to teach Prithvi and Sherlyn a lesson!

Sameer drops Daljeet and Srishti home wherein, Daljeet hints him to keep persuading Srishti. He tries to talk to Srishti but she leaves without letting him finish. Suddenly, she comes out of the house and tells him that she had liked a video that he had sent her. Sameer feels better to see that Srishti is forgetting her anger.

In a room, Prithvi celebrates his victory with drinks but Sherlyn continues to be worried. She reminds Prithvi that he needs to prep up to usurp Mahesh’s wealth instead of celebrating his small victory.

Preeta goes to Mahesh’s room in the basement with some sweets to cheer him up. Mahesh calms down after hearing her out and then eats the sweets gotten by her. Much to her surprise, Karan arrives there with Natasha.

Preeta pretends to be rude to Mahesh and does not let Mahesh ear more. Natasha provokes Karan, who goes to question Preeta about her actions of snatching the box of sweets from Mahesh. She tries to explain that overeating of sweets is not good for Mahesh’s health. Karan tells her that barring Mahesh from eating the things he likes is not a good gesture.

After their discussion, Karan thinks of an idea before leaving the room. He returns to her and says that she is putting on because of eating sweets. Preeta falls for his plan and asks him to put his hands on her waist to check her weight.

Natasha, who is still in Mahesh’s room, asks him if he likes her as a match for Karan? Mahesh gets annoyed as he is busy eating the sweets given by Preeta. Natasha runs out of the room when Mahesh shouts at her.

Prithvi meets Sherlyn in the living room and tries to get close to her. She asks him to avoid being seen together in front of the Luthras. To teach Preeta a lesson, Prithvi bars Kareena, Rakhi and the rest from entering Mahesh’s room!

Rakhi goes to her room with teary eyes when her pleas have no effect on Prithvi.

Preeta loses her cool and heads towards her room to scold Prithvi for his actions. Prithvi enters the room wherein Sherlyn gets romantic with him before revealing her plan.

Preeta arrives outside the room and overhears Sherlyn suggesting Prithvi to steal her property papers. Prithvi criticise the plan suggested by Sherlyn’s new Lawyer, which begins an argument. However, Preeta decides to try a trick to have Prithvi arrested!

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