Preeta pretends to call someone to let Prithvi and Sherlyn know in everyone’s presence that she is bringing the property papers home. She leaves the dinner table after saying this, but Karan asks her to finish her breakfast. Preeta pretends to be rude by asking him whether he is showing concern to get the property papers from her.

Prithvi meets Sherlyn in a room and she tells Prithvi her plan to steal the property papers. However, they get into an argument when Prithvi refuses to do so. Sherlyn leaves the room and does not believe Prithvi when he says that even others want to steal it.

Meanwhile, Kareena calls Kritika and Karan to a room to discuss her plan to steal the papers. She asks Karan to steal the property papers that are kept in his room by Preeta. Karan refuses to do so, but Kritika insists him to help them execute this plan. Kareena decides to execute this plan without Karan!

In another room, Sherlyn decides to steal the papers on her own. Sherlyn plans to rule the Luthras and Prithvi after becoming the owner of the Luthra Empire!

Srishti sees Sherlyn in Prithvi’s room and taunts her about it. She then meets Preeta, who tells her that she wants to have Prithvi arrested. Srishti is shocked when Preeta tells her about catching Sherlyn and Prithvi together.

In the living room, Preeta apologises to Rakhi for her behaviour but soon pretends to be rude again. After a while, Girish hands over the property papers to Preeta, who pretends to keep it a secret in front of everyone.

Karan says they all know that these are the property papers and no one would steal them since they are not Thieves, Preeta in shock questions how does everyone know since this was a secret, who told them all when Dadi says that no one told them but she herself was talking so loudly in the morning so they all heard.

Kareena questions why is she wasting her time, did she forget what are the roots of Preeta because she doesn’t have any manners otherwise she would have gone to a side and even excused them, she is saying if they have sent a spy after her.

Shristhi says some people even then are able to talk so low, Kritika replies it is really funny but does she know what else is funny? It is that some people don’t know how to act but only speak, Shristhi says she is accepting that she went so low.

Karan tries to ask Kritika to stop talking but Kritika is constantly arguing how does Shristhi dare talk to her Mother and herself like this, does she think of herself as someone really big?? Karan orders her to shut up!

Shristhi reveals that she respects Karan a lot and loves him which is why she is quiet, otherwise knows how to teach everyone a lesson!

Kareena questions if she is satisfied since she caused both the brother and sister to fight? Shristhi questions what has she done since she did not even speak.

Preeta stands up asking them all to stop since everyone is yelling in this house. Karan replies that she is the one who starts yelling and they do not do anything. Preeta replies she doesn’t want to talk with anyone since her head is aching, she eats the medicine with the juice.

Shristhi seeing it questions why did she take this medicine and she knows how she sleeps after eating them and even if anyone beats the drums in her room even then she would not wake up, Preeta questions what will happen now since she wants to keep the papers secure and so Shristhi should also sleep with her.

Shristhi sees the text mentioning Janki is not able to find the medicine of Dadi, Preeta says she can go now and search all the medical stores, Sameer offers to drop her.

Preeta hugs Shristhi who says she has made such a good performance and should be rewarded; they both leave when Preeta also rushes to her room.

Shristhi is in the Car with Sameer, thinking how Preeta said that he always helps them, Shristhi thanks him for everything when Sameer replies he feels he would have to increase his speed since he lost a lot of time, Shristhi wonders what is he saying wondering if he is talking about the relationship? Shristhi questions what is the need to be in such a hurry, Sameer replies that he is saying this since no one is there to stop them, Shristhi asks him why is he so interested?

Sameer explains that Bi jee is ill and he felt they should hurry to help her, Shristhi gets tensed asking if he meant by going to the house, Sameer questions what did she mean but she refuses to say anything, Shristhi informs him that Bi jee is fine and nothing happened to her, Sameer getting tensed questions what did she mean when she replies that this was all part of their plan? She reveals that Preeta planned to talk loudly about the papers in front of everyone so then Prithvi would also hear she has the papers in her room, and when he would try to steal them, Preeta will get him arrested.

Shristhi explains that even the text was fake so Bi jee is fine. Sameer questions then what did she think when he talked about increasing the speed? Shristhi thinks she felt he was talking about their relationship which for the past two years has been slower than a cart. Shristhi covers her face with her hairs so she does not have to answer him, he thinks that she is really cute.

Preeta enters the room, she exclaims these are the papers of the house and they are really important for her, she is praying that her plan succeed and Prithvi gets arrested otherwise, if it doesn’t happen, then she would not be able to throw him out of the house so easily. Preeta thinks after nine thirty, everyone would start sleeping, she will wait to see who is still awake and she is sure that after everyone goes to sleep, Prithvi would surely come to steal the papers!

Sameer suddenly slows down the Car, Shristhi questions what is the need to slow down the Car when he informs that he thought that since now that BI jee is fine, he will drive slowly, Shristhi questions even then why does he have to drive slowly, he replies so that he can spend some time with her., Shristhi scares him warning they are about to get into an accident, he stops the Car when she starts laughing, she says he can keep on driving, she mentions he accepted her warning that the Car can bang with the air.

Shristhi and Sameer both are enjoying the ride, he stops the Car and unlocks the belt, she keeps on sitting when he removes an eyelash from her face. She gets tensed so he questions what happened, she rushes out of the Car, he goes to her asking what happened, he apologizes that he touched her without her permission, it is said that if they make a wish by blowing the eyelash, she asks him to make the wish, he informs he is happy they both have started talking when Shristhi exclaims she is glad she started talking with him, he does not understand. She rushes to the house when Sameer makes a wish that Bhagwan jee (god) should always make sure that Shristhi keeps smiling like this.

Natasha in her room is making a vlog and she exclaims she knows she did not make any vlog for so long but she decided to come live today so now would show her new dance moves, Natasha starts the performance when Sherlyn comes questioning what is going on? Natasha exclaims she was making the dance video, Sherlyn replies everyone has started suspecting if she is either her real Sister when Natasha exclaims would her real Sister not make such videos?

Sherlyn explains her real Sister would have a class, Sherlyn says she should have at least shut the door but Natasha says she should keep it open since the light causes good effect, Sherlyn mentions that until she is giving her money there is no need for her to make such videos since she would not need any money, Natasha explains that she performs since it is her passion but Sherlyn leaves warning that she will not make such videos!

Natasha thinks that she does not know what Sherlyn thinks of herself, she will get the papers which Preeta has brought into the house and will become the new Owner of this Mansion!

Kareena is giving Dadi her medicine, she inquires about Rakhi, Kareena explains that Rakhi like always locks herself in her room when she is hurt so she also thought that she would not force her anymore and let Rakhi come out when she feels like, Dadi asks why did Kareena not take her own medicine when Kareea stops while starting to speak, she explains that she knows Kareena really well, what is she hiding?

Kareena reveals she will not sleep tonight so she can go and steal the papers from Preeta so she loses her position. Dadi explains even then she would not have said anything to her since she is doing this for their family, Kareena hugs Dadi.

Natasha is walking when she sees Karan working in his room, Natasha thinks that Karan would only steal the papers in one situation, if he feels that Preeta is going against his family, by what she has heard, Preeta came into this house as the Doctor for Dadi and well wisher of Rishab, she even used Sameer and Kritika, but she doesn’t need so many people, she just has to prove that Preeta is against the Luthra family which will be enough to convince Karan!

Karan is working in his room, Natasha knocks on the door seeking permission if she can come inside, she explains that she wants to talk with him about something but doesn’t know how he would react to it, karan asks what is she saying when Natasha explains she feels this is the right time for him to get his family out of the ruling hands of Preeta, Karan doesn’t understand when Natasha explains if he steals those papers then everyone would be saved, no one else would get the papers other than him.

Sameer standing outside the room thinks that Natasha is making such plans to instigate Karan but doesn’t know that Preeta is making all such plans to help their family.

Natasha thinks that she has instigated him and he will now surely plan to steal those papers! Karan refuses that he is going to steal anything.

Sameer also enters the room exclaiming Karan himself said that he is not going to steal anything, he even insist that Natasha should go back to her own room since she should not even try to flirt with him, Karan asks her to be careful since she is the Sister of Sherlyn, Sameer replies then she should act like a Sister and leave. Natasha mentions she is not flirting with Karan but Sameer insists she leave the room and even advises her to go join a dating app.

Sameer sits with Karan who questions why did he talk like this to Natasha? Sameer replies he only belongs to Preeta, Karan slowly exclaims everyone except her knows this, Sameer offers to sleep with him but Karan says that he tends to hit Karan in his sleep so must go back to his own room.

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