The Police alongside the Luthras comes to Karan’s room to do the first search. Rakhi comes in asking why the Police is in their house and in her Son’s room?

Rakhi feels hurt to learn that Preeta has called the Police as she suspects the family members of theft.

After the papers are found in Karan’s room, Prithvi says that Sherlyn’s accusation against Karan was right! Preeta defends Karan against the Police but soon pretends that it is just for her benefit.

The Police ask her to visit the Police Station along with Karan to withdraw her complaint. Preeta opens the file and reveals to everyone that the property papers are not in it. The pPolice decide to send another Team for further investigation.

Srishti visits Preeta to pacify her as she feels low after the Luthras get upset with her. She then takes a leave explaining that Janki has been scolding her a lot lately for being out.

After the Police leave, the Luthras wait for the investigation by a new Team. Natasha confronts Sherlyn to question her about the property papers. Sherlyn accuses Natasha of stealing it. Natasha denies doing it and hints that Prithvi has stolen it. Sherlyn gets silent and Natasha points out that she has probably realised that it is the truth.

Karan sees Prithvi stepping out of the Mansion and follows him when he gets suspicious of him.

Prithvi waits in the lobby when he feels that he is being followed. He turns around to look for the person behind him, but Karan hides behind a Car.

Prithvi sends Nagre a message to ask him to come to the Luthra Mansion stealthily. Karan gets shocked to see Nagre meeting Prithvi secretly. He gets shocked to hear Prithvi confessing to stealing Preeta’s property papers.

Nagre and Prithvi decide to replace Preeta’s name with Prithvi’s name on the papers!

Prithvi walks inside the house after Nagre leaves and Karan decides to call the Police. The Police Inspector agrees to bring a Team to the Luthra Mansion at Karan’s behest.

At the dinner table, Kritika taunts Preeta, which annoys Srishti. Soon, Kareena, Natasha and Sherlyn join the conversation causing a heated argument with Srishti. Dadi scolds Srishti and holds Preeta responsible for everything, but Preeta asks Srishti to stop arguing.

Everyone is shocked to see Karan bringing the Police, who decide to search Prithvi’s room! They find the stolen file in Prithvi’s room and arrest him, thereby asking Karan to follow them to the Station to file the complaint against Prithvi. They also tell Preeta to keep her files well to prevent this from ever happening again. She nods yes, and thinks in her mind that Karan might not say it, but he’s indirectly supporting her. She smiles.

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